Launchpad - Access your external tools

Create your own set of apps to access external systems from within your intranet

See the documentation for your Release


Release Notes 2.0

Launchpad 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 have been set to private as these version have problems with Data Center and MSSQL.

If you are facing problems with the Launchpad you should restart your instance and clear the plugin cache.


Introducing "Linchpin Launchpad"

The "App Center" has been renamed to "Linchpin Launchpad". No actions have to be taken on an update!

Launchpad Portal

Checkout the new Launchpad Portal to find and manage your personal apps in one place.

The "bar" app design

Give your apps the space they deserve.

Sort your personal apps

You may change the order of your personal apps by drag and drop.

Suggest new apps

Users may suggest new apps to administrators

If you are facing problem after installation, please refer to Problems with PostgreSQL.

As app icons are cached now, users might clear their browser cache before a new icon will be updated

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