Connect any page in multiple languages
There are no restriction on languages oder language packs
Translate only important content



Offer additional benefit to your readers

Whether you run a worldwide organization or your staff is from a multitude of nationalities: There are a lot of reasons to offer your content in various languages. Language Manager makes it easy.

Select whichever language you need

Language Manager lets you choose from a complete set of all languages. You are not restricted to certain languages or to your installed language packs.

Stay flexible and save time

You don't have to translate all of your content. Structure your content in different languages as needed. And only translate what is important.


Easily access Language Manager on every page

Choose whichever language you need from a full set


Step 1:

Set the language of your current page

Step 2:

Select a page containing the same content in a different language 

Step 3:

Create a link between the two pages

Language Manager

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