Tempo Suite - Time Tracking and Budget Management

Tempo is a cloud-first software company that helps teams at more than 10,000 companies—SMBs and large-scale enterprises—collaborate, plan and schedule resources, manage budgets, and track time directly from their daily workflow.

We help you introducing and setting up Tempo Suite in your company in the form of a use case project at a fixed price. Below you will find further information about the Tempo Suite plugins.

The Tempo Suite

Tempo products are designed to enhance the efficiency of Atlassian's JIRA helping teams and businesses collaborate, plan, budget, track, and work smarter seamlessly in one central software platform. More than 10,000 customers in over 100 countries trust Tempo to be successful. Our customers include small startups to large-scale distributed enterprises such as NASA, Amazon, Paypal, Toshiba, Disney, BMW, and Princeton University. Tempo is one of the largest, award-winning, and bestselling add-on vendors in the Atlassian Ecosystem, and has an established network of more than 100 partners worldwide.

Components of the Tempo Suite

Make the most of your resources.Tempo Planner makes it easy to manage teams and plan work directly in Jira. Find available resources quickly, assign tasks effortlessly and monitor progress at a glance with visual boards, simple drag-and-drops and indicators. Gain valuable insight and keep stakeholders in the loop through exportable reports.

Teams Management

Centralize the management of your teams. Allocate resources to teams and control everyone’s holidays and permissions. Then, link teams to JIRA boards and projects to define the team’s backlog.

Health Indicators

Monitor progress at a glance and take early corrective action, thanks to visual progress bars and flags that let you know if an epic or initiative is at risk of exceeding its estimated time or effort.

Streamlined Operations

Simplify the lives of your team members, by giving them access to their allocated tasks through a JIRA gadget, Tempo Mobile and Tempo Timesheets, which also facilitates the logging of time worked.

Team Board

Plan team work effortlessly. The team board is a visual overview of each team, with its members and their tasks. Tasks can be allocated through a simple drag-and-drop from the team backlog.

Utilization Reports

Gain valuable retrospect with reports that detail the utilization of each team member by looking at their allocation and availability over specific time spans, ranging from daily to quarterly.

Seamless Cost Planning

Plan your team's work in Tempo Planner and project costs within Tempo Budgets . Plans for Jira issues sync automatically to Tempo Budgets where you can create a cost plan in just a few clicks.

Resource Overview

Find available resources quickly. Team leads have access to an overview of all resources where advanced filtering capabilities help you find available staff, regardless of their team.

Export Features

Keep stakeholders in the loop. Planning data can be exported as a CSV file so you can share it with with your clients or other stakeholders who don’t have JIRA, for external reporting or analysis.

Powerful APIs

Open APIs gives you access to key Tempo functionalities, so that you can drive more integration and automation between JIRA, Tempo Planner and your ecosystem of solutions.

Deliver projects on time, on budget and on value.Tempo Budgets makes it easy to monitor the financials of your JIRA initiatives. Expedite the planning and tracking of costs and revenue with guided wizards and automatic workflows. Also, real-time reports offer you reliable and transparent information that facilitate the preparation of your portfolio reviews and support your CAPEX practice.

Portfolio Overview

Navigate effortlessly through large project portfolios and get the clear visibility that you need - thanks to a powerful and customizable overview that supports advanced filters.

Creation Wizard

Define the scope, timeline and all the details of your folios in just a few clicks through a guided wizard - where the tracking of costs, revenue and/or Earned Value can be set up.

Earned Value

Go beyond just monitoring planned versus actual costs. Earned Value Management tracks the value created over time in relation to spendings, giving you early signs of overruns.

Performance Dashboards

Monitor the performance of your projects at a glance with visual dashboards that present all the key health and progress metrics of your initiatives - so you can take early corrective action.

Expedited Planning

Simplify planning with functionalities that help you plan costs and revenue based on the resources allocated to your folio or the estimated effort of the project scope.

Currency Management

Ensure the accurate conversion of costs and revenue in multiple currencies by centrally managing exchange rates over time. Set a currency for your folio and we do the rest.

Customizable Reports

Save considerable time preparing for your monthly or quarterly portfolio reviews - thanks to a series of essential common reports that you can customize and export.

Automated Cost Reporting

Sit back, relax and forget about time-consuming double entries. Expenses entered in issues are reported automatically in the actual costs of the relevant folio. They can even be capitalized.

Centralized Hourly Rates

Get access to reliable employee hourly cost rates and price rates to report actual costs and revenue. Cost rates are defined by employee or by role, while price rates are defined by role.

Increase efficiency and build reliable time sheet reports.Tempo Timesheets streamlines time tracking and reporting directly in JIRA. Real-time trackers and a drag-and-drop calendar ensure painless time tracking, so that your teams can focus on creating value. Accurate and transparent information underpins data confidence for critical operations like billing, accounting and payroll.

Time Trackers

Increase productivity by automating time tracking. Users can launch a live time tracker as they work in JIRA and simply convert it into a worklog. Or they can log work directly in issues.

Worklog Calender

The worklog calendar makes time tracking equally effortless. This intuitive visual calendar allows users to log time worked on issues through a drag-and-drop or in a couple clicks.

Timesheet Overview

Access complete and granular information through an overview of all hours logged for issues, projects, users, teams or even accounts - where advanced filters can be applied.

Teams Management

Centralize the management of teams with Tempo. Simply assign resources to teams and define people’s holidays and permissions.This offers you actionable insight at the team level.


Deliver reliable and transparent information for accounting, billing and payroll. Add categories like “Billable” or “Capex” to an account to categorize associated time entries with one click.

Powerful APIs

Our open APIs gives you access to key Tempo functionalities, so that you can drive more integration and automation between JIRA, Tempo and your ecosystem of solutions.

Financial Tracking

Skip double entries when reporting actual costs. Time entries and issue expenses from Tempo Timesheets sync to Tempo Budgets where you can compare actual costs to your projected budget.

Tempo Mobile

Bring time tracking at your finger tips with Tempo Mobile. Convert Google Calendar and Office 365 events into work logs with at tap. Or simply start trackers and link them to planned tasks or JIRA issues.

Reviews & approvals

Ensure billing accuracy by enabling supervisors to review, approve or reject their team’s timesheets. Also, approval logs are kept for further transparency and traceability.

Jira Use Cases

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