Jira extensions only give you access to the true potential of your Jira instance. Every major customer installation via //SEIBERT/MEDIA has at least integrated one app from the following list. Choosing the app that meets your needs best is a detailed decision and is influenced by the complexity of the functions and the app's usability. We recommend that you test the various alternatives and we would be happy to provide advice.

We would be happy to provide advice on any of the apps listed above and help you implement this use case in your company - we can also provide you with test keys for the respective apps. Simply fill in the contact form on the right or contact us directly by phone on +49 611-20570-120 or by email at licenses@seibert-media.net. We look forward to hearing from you.


Extend Jira to improve and automate Jira workflows, JQL functions, user-defined fields, listeners and more with Groovy.

Create on Transition

Create automated issues and subtasks directly from workflow triggers - without programming skills.

Misc Workflow Extensions

An ever-popular Jira app, supporting many business use cases with customizable workflow components.

Workflow Toolbox

Standard app when you implement a Jira instance with us - with an extensive set of custom fields, post functions, and much more.

Profields - Custom Fields for Projects

Create custom fields at the project level.

Suite Utilities

Provides additional functionality for post functions and bulk copy.

JQL Tricks

From simple to very complex functions, this app supports everything related to JQL.

Power Scripts

Build the exact function you need with an extensive set of scripts.

Extensions and automation

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