Upgrade your JIRA installation

Our system administrators would be happy to upgrade your JIRA installation. The price will depend on the depth (installed plugins and extent of your customized configuration) and the server access to your JIRA installation. A detailed estimate will be possible after we have spoken with you in greater detail, so the estimated prices below are based on average project prices.



Unit price in USD

Total in USD


Preparation for the upgrade

In preparation for the upgrade, our administrators will examine your JIRA installation as well as the installed plugins to check for upgradeability




Upgrade of your JIRA installation

After the preparation, we will execute the upgrade of your installation. Depending on the depth of your version of JIRA and the level of work resulting from this regarding issues such as plugins and special configuration schemes, this step may require two to eight hours.




Finishing the upgrade project

After the upgrade, we document the work that we have undertaken; in addition, we will answer any questions or examine any inconsistencies that may have arisen during the upgrade.







Further information

Central task management

Many companies seem to content themselves with average project management, low levels of transparency, and less-than-optimal efficiency within their daily business. To an extent, excellent strategies and goals are being implemented by highly educated, extremely motivated employees according to their best knowledge and conscience. But how? Take a look around at how daily business is conducted at your enterprise. Is it ruled by Excel, Word, and Powerpoint together with Outlook emails? There are so many different versions of all these files that are constantly being distributed by mail in their various iterations and permutations.

Some managers are regularly surprised by how good their results are despite a lack of structure, discipline, and efficiency within their operational implementation.

Learn more about the basics and advantages of central task management


The web-based application JIRA is Atlassian Software’s powerful, established, and advanced bug- and issue-tracking system. JIRA allows tasks of all kinds (software bugs, project tasks, change requests, improvements, etc.) to be ordered, delegated, prioritized, followed, checked, and managed. The introduction of JIRA endows companies with professional, systematic, and effective error-, task-, and quality management.

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