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Which Confluence version is the Issue Manager compatible with?

Confluence server 7.4.0 - 7.17.1  

General Info

Does the Issue Manager have any impact on the standard Jira macro by Atlassian?

No, both plugins work separately.

What happens after the installation of Issue Manager with the present issues in Confluence created with the Atlassian standard macro ?

Nothing, the Issue Manager doesn't affect Atlassian's Jira standard macro.

Is it possible to deactivate the Jira standard macro of Atlassian?

Basically yes, but the Issue Manager still has some technical dependencies on the Jira standard macro and won't work without it. Our goal is that Issue Manager will work completely autonomously, so the standard Jira macro of Atlassian can be deactivated.

Is an account needed in both systems Confluence & Jira?


Do I need to be logged in Confluence & Jira to create issues with the Issue Manager in Confluence?

Yes, as long as no SSO (Single Sign On) is configured.

What happens with the Jira isssue in Jira if a user deletes the Issue Manager macro on a Confluence page?

The deletion of a Issue Manager macro doesn't have any effects on the corresponding Jira issue. To delete a Jira issue go to Jira.

What happens with the Issue Manager macro in Confluence if the Jira issue gets deleted?

The Issue Manager displays the following:

Which field types are supported by the Issue Manager for direct editing?

The Issue Manager currently supports more than 50% of all Jira field types. At some point, our goal is to support all standard field types. Keep in mind that it's still possible to create issues with the Issue Manager if there are unsupported fields within the form as long as they aren't required fields.

Supported field types

Supported field typesField types that are supported with limitationsField types that are not supported
  • Date Picker

  • Select List (single choice)

  • Select List (multiple choices)

  • Text Field (single line)

  • Text Field (multi-line)

  • User Picker (single user)

  • Components

  • Project Picker (single project)

  • Version Picker (single version)

  • Version Picker (multiple versions)

  • Priority

  • URL Field (URL without Highlight)

  • Number Field (without validation, incorrect values are ignored)

  • Sprint

  • Epic Link

  • Attachment

  • Linkes Issues

  • User Picker (multiple users)

  • Checkboxes

  • Date Time Picker

  • Radio Buttons

  • Select List (cascading)

  • Group Picker (single group)

  • Group Picker (multiple groups)

  • Labels

Is it possible to create issues with the Issue Manager even if not all field types are supported?

Yes, as long as those fields are not required fields.

Is it possible to migrate issues created with the Atlassian standard Jira macro to Issue Manager macros automatically ?

Currently not. If you are interested in such features, please contact us for a sponsored development.

How do I search for Issue Manager macros on Confluence pages ?

Open the full search of Confluence and type in the following query into the search field: macroName:issue-manager-issue

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