This page is meant to give an overview on how you can integrate the two software solutions for wikis (Confluence) and microblogging (Yammer) together. Please note, that we have created a native Microblogging - Confluence Plugin solution.

Yammer Embed as a basic solution

Confluence offers the injection of custom HTML code into wiki pages. Yammer Embed can give you the needed HTML-snippet to integrate it in your confluence instance.

This solution is reliable and probably a good first "shot", as it will be maintained by Yammer in the future and has literally no requirements to confluence apart from HTML-code-injection.


  • Increased Flexibility - Add Yammer’s social functionality to existing applications using simple JavaScript embedded code
  • Uninterrupted Work Flow - Have dynamic team discussions in the context of the projects you’re working on, without disrupting natural work flows
  • Accelerated Content Discovery – Enable other members of the company to discover and participate in your conversations in real-time, even if they are not using the same application
  • Mobile Access - Contribute to conversations happening inside other applications from mobile devices

Yammer Embed dynamically adjusts in size and design based on the amount of space provided within an application.

How this solution can be implemented

  • Yammer can be integrated in the Confluence home page and all portal and wiki pages. As the Embed-feature allows filters you can have the context-specific microblogging-content in the right places of your wiki. Only drawback: People have to login once both in your wiki and in Yammer. If you allow them to save cookies, this won't be much of a hassle though.
  • The Confluence in Yammer - integration is even easier. With the help of the Confluence Feed Builder your employees can create custom RSS Feeds, that can be easily imported into Yammer both publicly for all users and into groups (secured). This way you can have your Confluence activity whereever you have your Yammer streams and can interact (like, comment, ...) with them.

Please note, though, that this solution is currently not possible with a hosted Confluence on Atlassian Cloud. Please contact us with the form on the right side to get more info on that.

Confluence Yammer Integration as Add-On via AppFusions

See here for a paid solution from AppFusions.


Confluence plugin for a Yammer integration

Screenshots of the Yammer plugin

After a bit of testing on our side and judging from forum comments and an acknowledgement of the plugin author it looks as if the plugin is incompatible with Confluence version 4.0 and onwards. You might want to refer to the Yammer Embed as presented above.

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