You want to use the enterprise wiki Confluence in your business? You would like to install the software in your own network? You want to evaluate the necessary steps that are necessary for it's use and security, and whether they should be hosted internally or externally?

Advantages of working with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

  1. Budget optimal
    It is often attempted to set up the Confluence instance internally. And it is indeed not very hard. Please keep in mind, that a running version is only useful for tests. For a productive use, much more is needed. We believe it is useful to consult with a professional from the beginning. You will save a lot of time and protect your budget. For testing purposes you can easily and free of charge run a test instance with //SEIBERT/MEDIA.
  2. Higher quality, no mistakes
    We have seen adventurous Confluence installations. Just because the manufacturer states that Confluence runs with any operating system and any database, it doesn't mean that all of them are recommended. Don't just settle for your software running somehow. A successful system has to be quick, stable, scaleable and secure. These are not automatically granted. Professional help increases the quality and avoids mistakes.
  3. User synchronization via LDAP / Active Directory
    As soon as systems host more than 50 user, it is recommended to balance the local user management with the Confluence enterprise wiki. Every user that can sign on to your network on a PC will thus be enabled to log on to the wiki with the same login info. That's easy for the user and more secure for the system, since password guidelines can be more easily implemented. We help you with connecting the system. If you have a limited license, we will limit the synchronization with you to the selected users.
  4. Single-Sign-On (SSO) - Security and usability perfected
    Usually only required in successful systems, but always useful is the single sign-on solution. This allows that users that have already logged in on their computer to not have to enter an additional password in the wiki. Through SSO, the wiki can read the legitimization directly from the Windows sign on server. Great for users, because it decreases one hurdle. And more secure for businesses. Are you ready for single sign-on? We help you.
  5. SSL-encoding of the instance
    In order to guarantee best security is by providing your instance with an SSL certificate. Challenges arise mostly regarding the encoding, after the wiki has already been used extensively. We are happy to assist you during the complete process with our extensive experience and conduct an SSL encoding for you immediately.
  6. Faster to the goal
    The assistance of knowledge from dozens of completed installations in diverse IT infrastructures, your productive environment will be up and running more quickly and can grow sustainably. Especially when the requirements are an installation within few days, we can often offer a quick and professional preliminary solution with a test system within hours.
  7. Fewer resources required
    When working with an external professional, you will need considerably less time. Your employees can focus on other or more important tasks. Especially in big enterprises that is useful, when internal IT resources are working at their capacity.
  8. Easily hand over responsibility in either direction
    When our specialists help your IT specialists with the installation, you gain maximum flexibility. You will be able to have services completed by either your own IT or by our team. There are many cases that require one or the other. Our documentation will help your colleagues keep the overview even after a long time.
  9. Easily install updates
    Atlassian products are developed agile. That means that there is a new release every few months, generally every quarter. We assure that these updates can easily be uploaded. That way you can always work with the latest version.
  10. Backups
    The first foundation for a professional securing of data is the preparation of the system. In the next step, a procedure based on your backup guidelines needs to be elaborated and implemented. If desired, we assist you in continuously securing and testing your backups.
  11. Scaleability
    Initially, a small Confluence instance is sufficient for most businesses. Often times the systems grow quickly in the enterprise and you should definitely be prepared for that. Who doesn't know the test systems that immediately turn into productive environments with extensive requirements in storage and computing capacity. Be prepared. We assure your systems remain scaleable.
  12. Plugin security
    From IT perspective, plugins in Confluence are blessing and curse at the same time. On the one hand they enormously reduce the required support, since administrators can independently search, test and install new plugins. Great, but also dangerous. Admins from special departments are often not as sensitive toward compatibility and security risks. It can lead to loss of data and even security gaps. Our experts will help you find the balance between freedom and self-sufficiency of the user on one hand, as well as security and compliance on the other hand.
  13. Professionat test environment with deployment process
    Only experts should conduct open heart surgery. And even they try to avoid it, if possible. Similarly, a test environment is needed for Confluence, in order not to impact the productive instance. Such an instance can quickly develop into an important "organ", such as the human heart within a business. A professional test environment includes live data anonymously in the test environment. All tests (such as updates or new plugins) are tested there. Once everything seems to be clean, useful and secure, a so-called deployment process is started, which will make the successful configuration of the test system available in the live system. We show and explain all this to you in a mutual project and install it for you, if desired.


A simple installation can be completed within 6-8 hours with cost starting at USD 800. Extensive systems with high availability, complex backup and security strategies and complex infrastructure requirements may require up to USD 20,000 for the installation.

The truth lies somewhere in between. If you don't have any special requirements, 1.5 to 3 k USD should be a sufficient budget.

If you want to know more exactly, invest 2-3 hours or a flat rate of USD 350 in order to evaluate the installation questionnaire with us. All requirements are inquired in detail and then you will know exactly what needs to be done when and by who. We will then be able to give you an accurate estimate. 

Read more about our services and costs in our sample quotes for establishing a collaborative knowledge portal based on a wiki.

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