Prerequisites for your escalation

  1. Did you file an issue in (Atlassians call it JAC)?
  2. Did you describe your case and ask a question on
If you do not have an issue on and now question on, there is probably no successful path to a resolution apart from luck and coincidence.

Analyze your options: stay put, raise priority, pursue workaround

It  is immanent to software development that not all features can be build and that there are open and unresolved bugs. When we are contacted by customers who have followed the steps described above, we ask the following questions:

  • When did you raise the issues? Are they still processed or did Atlassian or someone else answer?
  • What would be the best solution to the problem in your opinion?
  • Did any workarounds appear during the discussions and the whole process? Which are they? What are their downsides?
  • What is the problem, that your company will have, when this issue is not resolved?
  • What would be the business value in terms of money that you have, when getting to the solution?

If Atlassian does not solve the issue for your directly, you should analyse if the bug fix or feature request is worth your time and effort to raise the priority. Sometimes staying put and waiting isn't such a bad thing.

How to raise the priority for your issue

If you need a solution and there is no feasible workaround, you may want to try to raise the importance of your issue:

  • Collect votes on JAC
    Collect votes on Ask your colleagues and your Atlassian partner to watch and vote for the issue.
  • Add comments in your issue
    Add comments on and explain, why it is important and helpful for your team to have this issue resolved. Find other teams who will add their thoughts as well.
  • Raise social media awareness
    Publicly blog and tweet about your wishes and gather social media traction (retweets, likes, social support).
  • Lobby in person with Atlassians
    Talk to Atlassian staff and describe your issue. Make them understand, why this is important for you. Follow up with a link to your JAC-issues via email.
  • Get professional help
    Get in contact with an official Atlassian partner (like //SEIBERT/MEDIA) that knows who to adress about your issue. 
  • Get our promotion in our Enterprise wishlists
    Get your issue listed in our Enterprise wish lists. We maintain lists of issues, that our bigger customers want Atlassian to resolve. Whenever we get the chance we'll address this list with Atlassian and make them focus on these points. See this example for an Enterprise Wishlist for Confluence.
  • Call Atlassian
    If you are a customer entitled to phone support, you can call Atlassian and get a contact or a name directly. If you do not know, if you're entitled to phone support or if you want us to handle this for you or if you simply don't know the number for the enterprise phone support, get in contact with us. We'll help you.

How to resolve an issue yourself or with our help

Depending on what you want, there are simple ways to resolve an issue yourself:

  • Use any type of workaround
  • Configure the system or the underlying infrastructure
  • Change something on the surface of the software. In Confluence you'll find theming to be quite powerful for surface changes
  • Create a plugin to enhance or change the behavior of the software. Do not underestimate this option. Wherever possible Atlassian itself will use plugins to enhance system capabilities.
  • Change the core. Atlassian offers a full source code disclosure to paying customers. Confluence is a Java software that can be compiled with changed classes. Although this is the very last resort, it opens full control over this software for you.

With the options above you can basically change everything in the Atlassian software, you use from the surface to the core of the product.

What should I do with this bug no one seems to care about

Are you still unsure after reading all this page? It is obvious, that fixing the issue yourself or with our help will cost you time and money. That makes it easy to keep complaining about Atlassian not resolving the issue. This is a free option after all. (smile)

Don't remain in your comfort zone. Get your issue moving with the help of the community, with a partner like us or by going after it yourself. The options are endless. Wanna talk about it? Get in contact with us now.

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