The new legal requirements to comply with the GDPR not only impacts companies' public communications, but it also covers internal communications. Especially when you communicate and collaborate with external users in a Confluence system - for example in a Confluence-based extranet with customers, partners, suppliers, and applicants - increased data protection requirements and extended obligations to disclose information now apply.

Make sure your Confluence system is able to comply with the GDPR, by using our GDPR Bundle containing both the Space Privacy and Terms of Use apps.

Space Privacy protects personal information

Features such as user profiles and mentions are very useful in many scenarios. But the native Confluence security mechanisms protect only content - they don't protect users, their personal data or its visibility.

Space Privacy makes sure that the features in a Confluence extranet can not be used to see information about other users, those that they should not be able to see. These protected spaces are fully protected – including the users who collaborate and communicate in them. Standard users, who are assigned to an extranet space, can only see users and their data within that extranet space. They can not see user profiles, mention or find users who belong to an extranet space they are not a member of.

For example, this prevents customers of different companies or different partners from inadvertently "running into each other".

Terms of Use collects and documents user consent

Terms of Use makes sure that users within a Confluence system see and consent to your terms of use, privacy policy or other important legally required documents, before they are allowed to use the system. That means: no consent, no log in. Users are not able to use the system unless they have explicitly agreed to your terms of use. This consent is documented, timestamped, and stored for administrators to review at any time.

If the terms of use change, all users are obliged to agree to the changed terms before they are able to continue using the system. A user's consent is stored separately for each version of the terms. They can also withdraw their consent at any time. If they do this, they will be automatically logged out of the system.

GDPR Bundle for Confluence: Pricing

The GDPR Bundle includes both the Space Privacy and Terms of Use apps, and the pricing model is structured to match the current Confluence user tiers. (More information about Atlassian license tiers and app prices)

The prices for licensing the GDPR Bundle are detailed below, both with a new Confluence license and without, if you already have a valid Confluence license.

With a once-off purchase of a license you will receive a perpetual license for the software, as well as license support from Atlassian for one year, which allows you to send support requests to and update the software from //SEIBERT/MEDIA and Atlassian.

After the one-year initial support period has expired, you can optionally extend the support period. If you do not wish to take advantage of this, you will not be able to access support or receive updates. However, the software can still be used without restrictions.

All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

Book a demonstration

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We will show you the features, possibilities and configuration in a live Confluence system, and would love to discuss your company's specific application and requirements.

Webinar about the GDPR Bundle

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