First-Level Support

Professional support for your Atlassian users


Our tech experts deliver quick and efficient support to your Atlassian users. With experience from hundreds of successful Atlassian projects, their main goal is to enable your employees and team members to make the best of any Atlassian system. As our customer you will benefit from quick and efficient communications and substantial stress relief for your internal support teams.

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Your main benefits

Server, Data Center or Cloud

We provide first-level support for Atlassian Server environments, Data Center infrastructure, or systems hosted in the Atlassian Cloud. Hybrid environments, e.g. a mix of Cloud and Server, are also supported.

Support for almost any Atlassian system

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we're experts in every common Atlassian App - besides our own Apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, of course. Make the best out of your Confluence, Jira, or Linchpin systems.

English and German languages supported

Instead of talking to customer support agents in either German or English, we offer direct support to users in both languages.

Flexible communications for quick resolving

Depending on the package you booked, our support team can be contacted via email or service desk - choose the channel you prefer for your company.

Full support for a fixed package price

We want to make sure running your Atlassian systems is as efficient and economical as possible. That's why we offer our support for a monthly fixed price - regardless of the number of support requests or the size of your systems.

Even more service for existing customers

Are you an existing Seibert Media customer with a hosting or consulting package? Then we assure you every incoming support request will be directed to second-level support or our consultants, if necessary - e.g. in case of bugs or technical issues.

Support packages

Support Package S

(tick)  use up to 25 hours per month

(tick)  support for up to 2 Atlassian systems

2,000 EUR / month

Support Package M

(tick)  use up to 50 hours per month

(tick)  support for up to 3 Atlassian systems

4,000 EUR / month

Support Package L

(tick)  use up to 100 hours per month

(tick)  no limit on the number of systems

8,000 EUR / month

Additional package:
Use a service desk system of your choice

(tick)  connect your existing service desk software in addition to our email support

(tick)   Optional: Access for your users to our service desk

(info)  Setup time may extend

+ 5,000 EUR (single payment)

Important to know

Minimum duration

Our contracts include a minimum booking period of six months.

Systems & success

Our support team needs to be granted access to your Atlassian system. When counting supported instances, your production, testing and staging environments are counted individually.

Service and resolution times

First-Level-Support is available on weekdays (Mo-Fr, excluding Dec 24th and Dec 31st) between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm CET. Support is not available on bank holidays in the state of Hessen, Germany. Our service agents will reply within a working day. A resolution time is not guaranteed.

Supported channels

Support will be provided via email exclusively, unless you book the respective additional option.

Technical contact

In order to be able to react to specific requests and issues, our support teams need a certain technical contact within your company whom they will be able to contact.

What we do not offer

Within the range of our first-level support we do not offer technical support for your software. Additionally, we are not responsible for any content-related and editorial tasks within your systems. Although we will try to find a solution in most cases, we do not guarantee support for your third party apps.

Are you interested or do you have questions regarding our support offers?

Feel free to contact our sales representatives

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//SEIBERT/MEDIA: Official Atlassian Partner

With our experts, we offer you all services from one source, from strategy consulting at the beginning of a project to technical implementation and secure operation. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with experience from thousands of Atlassian projects, we can advise you on evaluating the best solution for you, take care of all questions regarding your license setup and support you in all aspects of scaling your Atlassian products. 

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