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Do you have an Atlassian plugin for Confluence, JIRA or Stash?

We can help you convert more prospects into customers by improving the evaluation process of your plugins. Our self-provisioning hosting solution deploys a dedicated instance of Confluence, JIRA or Stash with your plugin pre-installed with just one click. There is a free trial period that your customers can use to evaluate your plugin for free. With the help of our resources you can now offer a simple form that customers fill out. After 15 to 20 minutes they receive an email with admin login data for their Atlassian software with your plugin pre-installed and activated. 

All instances run in a secure virtual environment. We deploy the current versions of your plugin and the Atlassian software and take care of the availability of all instances.

Why your customers will love it

  • The service is free of charge in the trial period and comes with no strings attached
  • Signing up doesn't require giving away credit card data (like in Atlassian Cloud)
  • Fast and hassle-free evaluation in a dedicated environment
  • Easy migration to their local deployment
  • No limitations to migrate content to a preferred hoster
  • Everything is "self-service" for the customer, there is no waiting times for replies and callbacks

Why you will love it

  • The service is completely free for you 
  • Better and faster trials are possible
  • You get the contact data of all testers that route through your website 
  • We will enhance your sales efforts through our team and marketing activities
  • Cooperation with one of the biggest Atlassian partners worldwide
  • Ultimately you will sell more plugins through better service

About the integration in your website (Confluence example)

This is an example for "Zen Foundation" with their additional plugin "Zen Intranet":

Sourcecode of this example:

<iframe src=",3" style="border: 0; height: 430px; width: 520px;"></iframe>

  • Change product selection or let users choose Atlassian product to install
    If you leave out the parameter "&product=confluence" we will offer Confluence, JIRA and Stash for installation. Use this option if you have plugins for multiple products. If you want to have JIRA or Stash change the parameter to "&product=jira" or "&product=stash".
  • Offer my plugin to be preinstalled
    ou can add "&plugins_selected=1,2&plugins_available=4,5" after the "?" in the URL to add plugins to the form. "plugins_selected" are plugins that are preselected in the form. "plugins_available" are displayed, but not selected by default. You will get your plugin IDs when contacting us
  • Change language
    Currently we support "&lang=en" and "&lang=de" with our installation. You can also leave out the parameter altogether. Then we will try to figure out the best form language automatically.
  • Get me my leads
    Please make sure, that you provide the referrer ID in the parameter "ref=10" correctly in your website. Only if you do that, we can send you a copy of the forms submitted. 

Want your plugins pre-installed?

Please contact us at and tell us which plugins you want pre-selected or available for selection. We will then provide you with a custom sign-up form tailored to your plugin offerings.

Get started now!

Integrate the HTML code into your website for options one or two and get going. Please send an email to with the link of the website you have the form on or use the form below. We will then activate our statistics for you and make sure to share all contact data of evaluators with your sales team.

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