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Get startet with Easy Subtask Templates

Nearly every team uses subtasks to make their work easier and to use established workflows.

However, creating subtasks can sometimes be quite time-consuming. This is where Easy Subtask Templates comes in to help.

Each team member gets the possibility to create templates for subtasks - e.g. for the release process, fixing bugs or developing new features. You can even add some default values for each subtask, e.g. description, assignee and labels.

Best of all, it doesn't require any complex configuration or triggers. Just open the issue, select the template and click "Create". In seconds, the required subtasks are available.

Step 1

To create a new subtask template, click on the app icon within the issue navigation. The Subtask Templates App view pops up at the bottom of the issue.

Step 2

Select an existing template from the dropdown menu or create a new template using the "+" button (note that templates are always bound to a project).

By clicking on the "+" - button, you can assign a title for the template and enter a subtask in each line which should be created in future. 


Open a subtask an add some more information like a description, default assignee or labels. You can even drag'n'drop subtasks to place them at the right position. 

Click on "Create" to save your template.

Step 3

Now you can use the template immediately by clicking on "Create subtasks". The template is now available for you and your team members at any time via the dropdown menu.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can edit templates at any time. Just select the template from the dropdown menu, click "Edit" and modify it (edit title and subtasks, delete entries permanently, remove template completely).
  • Select subtasks that should not be created: A template fits perfectly, but one subtask is not required this time? No problem - just click on the relevant entry and it will be removed from the list. If you use the template again, the entry will still be there, of course.

Feature Requests

The further development of the Easy Subtask Templates is heavily influenced by the feedback we receive from customers. If there's anything that could be improved or something is missing, take a look at our public roadmap to vote on existing feature requests. 

For new ideas or bug reports, contact us at - we would be happy to get in touch with you.

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This page was last edited on 03/24/2021.