...provides an intuitive solution for teams to pair customer desired outcomes with real-time product delivery processes. Built for Jira, Easy Agile Roadmaps seamlessly integrates with your Atlassian product to create simple and visually digestible roadmaps. A perfect solution for the agile team, EAR provide context around team's every-day work, enabling Product Managers to communicate to all stakeholders the vision and journey a product will take over time. 

Why should I use Easy Agile User Story Maps?

Easy Agile Roadmaps allows agile teams to set a vision for their product and share that vision with all stakeholders. Easy Agile Roadmaps is the perfect agile team collaboration tool, contextualising team's every-day work by keeping stakeholders appraised of updates and allowing them to track the progress towards epic completion. The epic roadmap calendar allows teams to drag epics from the unscheduled backlog onto the calendar to show when the team will work on an epic. By allowing teams to group streams of work or teams into swimlanes, it provides 'at a glance' visibility to help the team see what's in the pipeline. Version and static markers allow teams to manage workflow alongside important dates and show versions - from start to release date - so stakeholders can clearly see what epics are in a given version. Built by a team of Atlassian Alumni who worked on GreenHopper, Jira Agile and Jira, this add-on was created from the ground up as the smoothest roadmapping solution for Jira. 


Number of usersCommercial licensesAcademic licenses
10100 USD50 USD
25450 USD225 USD
50825 USD412.50 USD
1001,500 USD750 USD
2503,000 USD1,500 USD
5004,500 USD2,250 USD
2,0006,500 USD3,250 USD
10,0008,500 USD4,250 USD
10,000+10,500 USD5,250 USD

Benefits of the plugin

Easy Agile Roadmaps provide meaningful roadmpapping solutions and benefit teams in the following areas:

  • Shared Product Vision and Direction: EAR allow teams to visualise shared product vision at a glance, through the sequence of features for delivery to customers
  • Contextualising Team’s Every-Day Work: Keep stakeholders appraised of updates by allowing teams to track the progress towards epic completion
  • Agile Team Collaboration: EAR allows distributed teams to make better informed decisions by identifying group purpose and structure, and keeping stakeholders informed in real-time



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