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For older versions please click here

Version number

As an user: Ask your administrator for the version number of the Microblogging for Confluence app.

As an administrator: You find the version number in the administration section (Administration > Manage add-ons > Microblogging for Confluence)

Timelines & topics

Give your microblog communication a better structure with microblog topics.
You can create as many topics per space as you want.
Choose between the global timeline, space timelines or topic timelines.
Use the microblog’s  global timeline macro that enables you to post and read your timeline in one place. For example you can add the microblog to the Confluence Dashboard.

Create and edit microposts

Edit a micropost as a creator or administrator (a full history will be created).

  • Attach files
    Use drag & drop to upload images

  • Use microblogging features like post, reply, and like

  • Use the integrate Confluence editor

  • Use @-mentions

  • Hashtags are converted to Confluence labels


As a space administrator you can add and edit topics for your spaces and delete microposts within your spaces.

Configure permissions for creating new microposts.

Display posts limited to a maximum height or choose to fully display them.


  • Daily summary can be sent at a time adjusted to match the reader's time zone.
  • Subscription for your own stream, for individual spaces and topics and for all spaces and topics.
  • Summary of personal streams for relevant navigation topics.
  • Disable the daily digest or choose a default time to send it.
  • Read microblog emails with the entire context of a micropost and see how they also contain attached images.
  • See notifications of new posts and open them.

Filter and search for posts

  • Filter posts by author
  • Filter items within a certain period
  • See a clear indication when search filters are active
  • Use the integrated search