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Individual training videos

Many of our sales partners say that no one reads handbooks any more. And it's true, PDFs with user guides are often gigantic when printed. We have made the experience, that training videos have a much higher acceptance and are ted more extensively. We thus suggest to create internal demo videos for the most important functions, workflows, and use cases to train the employees in addition to the workshops. This is especially valuable, if JIRA will be launched beyond the IT department.

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Development of individual trainings videos

We produce individual training videos for JIRA users, that you can make available to your employees. A JIRA consultant will be explaining specific workflows and best practices and will be showing concrete use cases. These videos are developed with a professional screencast software.

Based on our experience we recommend: 4 x 110 = USD 440
Lowest tier: 1 x 110 = USD 110 / Highest tier: 8 x 110 = USD 880

Learn more about our services of establishing JIRA as a task management tool.

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Central task management

Many companies seem to content themselves with average project management, low levels of transparency, and less than optimal efficiency in their daily business. To an extent, excellent strategies and goals are being implemented by highly educated, extremely motivated employees according to their best knowledge and conscience. But how? Take a look around at how daily business is conducted at your enterprise. Is it ruled by Excel, Word, and Powerpoint together with Outlook emails? There are so many different versions of all these files that are constantly being distributed by mail in their various iterations and permutations.

Some managers are regularly surprised by how good their results are despite a lack of structure, discipline, and efficiency within their operational implementation.

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The web based application JIRA is the powerful, established and refined bug and issue tracking system made by Atlassian Software. JIRA allows to create, delegate, prioritize, track, check and manage tasks of any kind (software bugs, project tasks, change requirements, improvements, etc.) Implementing JIRA enables a business to a professional, systematic and effective error, task and quality management.

Learn more here about JIRA.

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