We expect our workshops to entail a comprehensive knowledge transfer. We want you to take full advantage of the time with us, even if you choose to continue working without us or with another service provider. Our workshops are no sales shows, instead they allow you to better understand your project and your requirements and to take the right steps. We will consult you effectively.

You may take out the topics that you don't want to be part of the workshop from the list below and thus already tell us, what you want to be included in our consultation.

Basic knowledge and strategy

  • What is JIRA and why is it special?
  • Project management methods: Which project and product management methods are supported by JIRA?
  • Goals: What are the reasons for introducing JIRA? What are the economic effects?
  • Experience with other enterprises: Show us why and how other businesses have introduced JIRA.
  • Activation of employees: How can we get our employees excited about JIRA and motivate them to use it themselves?
  • Resources for web research: Show us how to find more info on JIRA in the web through you and other providers, so we can learn more ourselves.

JIRA services and offers

  • Presentation: Give us a brief presentation of //SEIBERT/MEDIA.
  • Work out content of estimates: Please show us a sample estimate, so we can better plan our budget.
  • Full budget consultation: We help you to plan your project budget and give you recommendations. In addition, we can share our experiences with other enterprises. Which internal costs are necessary to be considered?

Software infrastructure and technology

  • Open-Source: Explain the difference between Open-Source-Software such as Bugzilla and Jira.
  • Uniform Logins: How can we adjust with our network users? What needs to be done?

Presentation of JIRA software

  1. Creating a new issue in JIRA
    • via e-mail (incl. data storage)
    • via web interface
  2. Searching and finding of issues
    • the search
    • filter functions
    • individual subscriptions
  3. Managing issues in JIRA
  4. JIRA agile plugin – managing and planning issues with this Plugin
    • Overviews (short / detailed)
    • Release planning via drag & drop
    • Editor view
    • Burn down diagrams
  5. Workflows and editing issues
    • Examples for different workflows in our weblog article
  6. Dashboards, overview and transparency
  7. Communication processes in JIRA
    • Send content via e-mail
    • Respond to JIRA e-mails via e-mail
  8. The admin view

Analysis and study - how to proceed?

  • How is JIRA implemented in a business?
  • What can a timeline for the implementation look like?
  • Which third party systems need to be isolated? Are there interfaces?
  • Which existing processes can be moved to JIRA in the future?

Your individual topic requests

Of course we can discuss additional topics in a workshop. You can define the topics you would like to know more about. Please give us your feedback.

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