Making operating instructions available in Confluence has several advantages. First of all, the data is stored centrally, i.e. you can quickly enter changes and you can start with standardised templates where you only add content tailored to the customer's needs, especially for customized products. You can have the current version of the manual available while you are working on new versions in the background and only publish the new versions when the product is released.

Recommended apps

COMALA WORKFLOWS (Comala Document Management)

Set release workflows and related tasks to publish content in accordance with your quality guidelines.

> Cerner use case


Synchronize complete spaces across Confluence instances with this Comala Workflow.


Manage multiple versions of a page in the same space and schedule a time to publish them.


Export Confluence pages as PDF files with extensive design options.


Document processes and workflows easily and quickly - take and annotate screenshots and write instructions within the context of your process, then publish to Confluence.

> More about StepShot Guides

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