Confluence enables your employees to share their knowledge and thus they become visible and valuable. Why not support this by implementing a company-wide recommendation system? With this structured approach within Confluence, you can provide an incentive for users to suggest, evaluate and vote on improvements.

Recommended apps


Document workflows as storyboards to minimize questions when working on videos or software features.

Erstellen Sie Abläufe in Form eines Storyboards, um bei der Erstellung von Videos oder Software-Features Rückfragen zu minimieren.

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Visualize workflows and processes with the most highly recommended diagramming apps for Confluence.

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Use the rating macro to let users rate the value of suggestions and ideas.


Create complex and customized forms and evaluate the results.

COMALA WORKFLOWS (Comala Document Management)

Set release workflows and related tasks to publish content in accordance with your quality guidelines.


Embed mockups and wireframes into your Confluence pages.


Embed the macro into a page, create the form with drag and drop, and save it.

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