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LogoAdd-onDescriptionAppears in the following use cases

Linchpin LaunchpadCustomized application links accessible to any Confluence user at any time.Linchpin - Social intranet

Aura - Beautiful Formatting Macros

Transform boring Confluence pages into beautiful, organized content

Landing pages, Overviews, Content formatting

Attachments Display

Assign attachment attributes and customize the attachment file list overview.

Linchpin - Social intranet

Linchpin User ProfilesEnhanced user profiles and data synchronization with your local user directory.Linchpin - Social intranet, News concepts, Expert search and user lists, Multilingual content, Navigation concepts

draw.ioCreate the most diverse diagrams in Confluence, quickly and easily.Linchpin - Social intranet, Quality management, Idea management, Onboarding, Diagrams and prototyping

Duplicate Content DefenderAvoid duplicate content - even before it happens.Linchpin - Social intranet

Linchpin Events

Organize events and participants in Confluence - well structured and fast.

Linchpin - Social intranet, Event management


Share information and conversations with your colleagues on a central open platform.

Linchpin - Social intranet, Communication and forums, Virtual workspaces

Linchpin Enterprise NewsShare your news - with specific user groups.Linchpin - Social intranet, News concepts

Language Manager

Manage content in multiple languages.

Linchpin - Social intranet, Multilingual content

Linchpin Mobile

Reach your social intranet whenever you want, wherever you want.

Linchpin Mobile is part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite and no longer available separately.

Linchpin - Social intranet, Visual customization/theming, Mobile applications

Linchpin Theme

Give your intranet the look that matches your corporate style.Linchpin - Social intranet, Virtual workspaces, Theming

Linchpin Touch

Discover the possibilities of making your intranet tangible.

Linchpin Touch is part of the Linchpin Intranet Suite and no longer available separately.

Linchpin - Social intranet, Mobile applications

Mail PageSend Confluence content by email.Linchpin - Social intranet

Linchpin Navigation Menus

Navigate with style - with your personalized menu.

Since July 2019 Linchpin Navigation Menus is a part of Linchpin Theme.

Linchpin Theme is a component of the Linchpin Intranet Suite.

Linchpin - Social intranet, Multilingual content, Navigation concepts

Space Privacy - ExtranetWork with customers and partners in secure extranet spaces.Linchpin - Social intranet, Extranet

Terms of UseDefine your terms of use.Linchpin - Social intranet, Login management and Single Sign On

Comala Workflows (Comala Document Management)

Define release workflows and related tasks to provide content that meets your quality guidelines.

Quality management, Idea management, Employee self-services, Editorial content and control, Instruction manuals

Page Information

Embed meta-information into Confluence pages, such as commenters, participants, recent updates, and more.

Quality management

Scaffolding Reporting

Capture structured data with scaffolding and evaluate the information with the reporting app.

Quality management, Employee self-services, Product databases

Community Forums

Build forums directly into Confluence pages and let your teams hold their discussions there. Forums can be searched for content, authors etc. or sorted according to importance.

Communication and forums

Comala Publishing

Create and publish individual pages or entire areas and keep them synchronized.

Quality management, Instruction manuals


Use the rating macro to let users rate the value of suggestions and ideas.

Idea management

Easy Forms

Embed the macro into a page, fill out the form with drag and drop, and submit it.

Idea management, Employee self-services, Forms

Confi.FormsCreate complex and customized forms and evaluate the results.Idea management, Forms


View the glossary as a whole, or place definitions directly on Confluence pages.



Ask questions once and let your knowledge base emerge from answers and reviews.

Support databases and FAQs


Quickly and easily document workflows or create step-by-step instructions that you can embed directly into Confluence.

Support databases and FAQs, Onboarding, Instruction manuals, Technical documentation, Idea management

Jira Service Desk (optional)

If you are using Jira as a help desk, you can also use Jira Service Desk as a FAQ.

Support databases and FAQs  

Better Content Archiving

Define time intervals to archive Confluence pages with or without approval.

Content lifecycle management


Create references to data on any number of pages with this free macro.

Product databases

Comala Checklists

Create metadata checklists to always create pages that match your quality requirements.


Scroll PDF ExporterExport Confluence pages as PDF files with extensive design options.Instruction manuals, Working with files, Technical documentation, Quality management

Refined Theme

Choose from a wide variety of pre-configured themes or build your own Confluence theme.


Brikit Theme Press

Another alternative for designing your own Confluence themes, including themes for mobile devices.

Theming, Mobile applications

Scroll Word Exporter

Export your pages as a Word document following your design guidelines.

Working with files, Technical documentation

Cenote Lockpoint

Lock Confluence attachments while you edit to prevent accidental overwriting.

Working with files


Open attachments directly from Confluence and save the edited files directly back to Confluence.

Working with files

Scroll Translations

Use many different languages in one space and translate directly into Confluence or external systems.

Multilingual content


Easily embed polls and surveys into Confluence pages.



Use a separate forum for discussions see a clear overview of the most important posts.



Create scripts or macros to automatically make adjustments to content when pre-defined events occur in Confluence.

Partial and full automation

Command Line Interface

Automate actions in Confluence, with a wide variety of available interfaces.

Partial and full automation

SQL (Pro Edition)

Integrate a variety of data sources into Confluence and create tables and graphs from SQL data.

Partial and full automation

Page Tree Creator

Create templates and blueprints for new page trees, which you can use over and over again.

Partial and full automation


Query data from external SQL databases or REST APIs and implement them in Confluence pages.\

Partial and full automation

Copy Page TreeCopy complete page trees with just a few clicks.Partial and full automation

Scroll HTML ExporterExport HTML files from your Confluence content.Technical documentation

Scroll VersionsPlan, organize, and publish documentation directly from Confluence.
Technical documentation, Instruction manuals

Scroll EPUB Exporter

Export to Eclipse files from your Confluence content and make these available on mobile devices.

Technical documentation

Scroll EclipseHelp ExporterExport Eclipse files from your Confluence content.Technical documentation

Table Filter and Charts

Filter tables and design pages with more flexibility with infographics, etc.

Presentation of information

Labels Cage

Keep your Confluence labels optimally organized and define your users' requirements.

Presentation of information

Advanced TablesUnleash the full potential of your Confluence tables.Presentation of information

Content FormattingA variety of macros which make it easier to format in Confluence.Presentation of information

Multi Excerpt Plugin

Define information extracts and embed them on many other pages - this makes content management easier.

Presentation of information


Implement a tab-based navigation within Confluence - similar to an Internet browser.

Presentation of information

Kantega SSO

Supports SAML and Kerberos, fast to setup.

Login management and Single Sign On

SAML SingleSignOn

Supports the SAML 2.0 standard and many others. Users who are already authenticated can access Confluence directly.

Login management and Single Sign On

Enterprise Password Policy

Prevent weak passwords and enforce regular password changes, including notifications for expiring passwords.

Login management and Single Sign On

Easy SSOSSO solution based on IOPLEX Jespa.Login management and Single Sign On

2-Factor Auth Secure LoginStrong and simple 2-factor authentication without integrating external systems.Login management and Single Sign On

FormsCreate custom forms in Confluence and save the results directly to a database.Forms

Forms Inline Editor

Fill in or edit forms inline in Confluence. The add-on promises easy handling, many different input options as well as granular permissions management.


Balsamiq Wireframes

Embed mockups and wireframes into your Confluence pages.

Diagrams and prototyping, Idea management

Refined Mobile

Mobile interface for your Confluence content including Confluence Questions and Team Calendars.

Mobile applications

SubSpace Navigation

Easy-to-use structured navigation through Confluence spaces and pages.

Navigation concepts

Space Admin

Track changes in pages and spaces, set permissions and copy, modify, move, or delete pages and spaces with one click.

User management


Administrators can view Confluence with the identity of an individual user to see where problems lie and how to fix them. It is immediately logged which administrator assumed which identity.

User management



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