SWIFT by //SEIBERT/MEDIA is your choice if you want to get a quick and free instance or if you want a reliable hosting for the long haul. It adds the flexibility to migrate easily into your own environment whenever you want (You already use a BTF instance and have a license!).

Get all the features of Atlassian software with SWIFT

It may be counter-intuitive, but if any of the following aspects apply you, you may find that SWIFT is more attractive than Atlassian Cloud:

CriteriaSWIFT by //SEIBERT/MEDIAAtlassian Cloud
Install apps (v2) from Marketplace(tick)(error)
Theme your instance (e.g. Confluence)(tick)(error)
Full admin area without limitations(tick)(error)
Same infrastructure as behind the firewall
production instance (e.g. easy 1:1 migrations)
Can I update when I want it?(tick)(error)
(Forced updates, inclusion in beta features)
No credit card required for trial(tick)(error)
Hosting for Stash available?(tick)(error)
Can I use my license in my own
environment, when I move?
Can I benefit from German data
security and privacy standards?

Atlassian collects personal and business
sensitive info on their own servers
(e.g. job titles for Confluence users) 
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Save in the long run!

With SWIFT by //SEIBERT/MEDIA we deploy regular behind the firewall versions of Confluence, which means that you have to buy a regular license for Confluence, Jira or Stash. See a pricing comparison:

Pricing tierSWIFT by //SEIBERT/MEDIAAtlassian CloudSavings with SWIFT (5 years usage)
 Hosting (monthly)Licence (one-time)Atlassian's sum (monthly)With license renewalsWithout license renewals
10 users40 USD10 USD10 USDUSD -1,520USD -1,510
25 users60 USD1,200 USD100 USDUSD 200USD 800
50 users80 USD2,200 USD200 USD

USD 2,700

USD 3,800
100 users100 USD4,000 USD300 USDUSD 4,000USD 6,000
500 users150 USD8,000 USD500 USDUSD 5,500USD 9,500
2,000 users200 USD16,000 USD1,000 USDUSD 16,000USD 24,000
10,000 users300 USD20,000 USD(error) not available(error) not available(error) not available
unlimited users400 USD24,000 USD(error) not available(error) not available(error) not available

Assumption: 60 months of service, commercial licenses

Get your free instance with SWIFT by //SEIBERT/MEDIA now!

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