Use cases for the Blueprint Creator

You can use the Blueprint Creator for a variety of Confluence use cases. Wherever you want to simplify or structure the creation of content, Blueprint Creator can be applied. From creating automated training portals to unified team spaces to standardized meeting notes, the Blueprint Creator covers a wide range of use cases.

The following use cases give a brief insight into what is possible with the Blueprint Creator. You can try out many of the Use Cases directly in our demo Instance to convince yourself of the possibilities of the Blueprint Creator.


Checklists for new employees

Welcome your new employees with a well thought-out onboarding plan, which is filled with important placeholders. Assign placeholders for the position, team or location of the new employee and create overview pages using the "page properties" macro and filter pages by labels you have assigned in your blueprints.

Placeholders that you can use in this onboarding blueprint:

  • Name (text + set as page titel)
  • Start date (date)
  • Position (select)
  • Team (select)
  • Supervisor (user mention)
  • Location (select)

Create an overview page that automatically updates when a new onboarding document is created, using the "page properties macro". Find out how it works here.

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Training Portal

Build an awesome training portal

Plan events, coaching and workshops efficiently and quickly with this great example for a training portal. Create training based on the job profile by defining the appropriate target group when using the Blueprint. Create new trainings directly from the trainings portal by using the "create from template" macro. Build Blueprints for new online courses, pages for conference or book reviews.

Placeholders that can be used for these blueprints:

  • Topics (multiselect)
  • Start-/End date (date)
  • Location (Select field)
  • Relevant for z.B. Job profiles (multiselect)
  • Name (text + set as page titel)

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Team Spaces

Standardized Team Spaces

Save time and resources when creating new spaces for teams. Simply use a predefined space structure and use predefined home pages. Fill in relevant information when creating a space using the intuitive form fields. Create a single consistent structure for your team areas.

Placeholders that can be used:

  • Service Owner/Team Lead (usermention)
  • Services (multiselect)
  • Location (select)

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Corporate News

Blueprints for corporate news

Build an awesome news editors in Confluence to turn your blog posts into a real news piece. Aside from beautiful display options and handy macros news editors can attach metadata such as news categories, kicker lines etc. and control the publication and approvals of blog posts. The Blueprint Creator fits perfectly in by not only allowing editors to share announcements with blueprints for blog posts, but neatly displaying the metadata options in the compact and user friendly form - professional news creation has never been easier.

Placeholders for this blueprint:

  • coming soon

(question)To build a Blueprint for blogpost you can change the "content type" in the editor to "Use template for blog posts".

Any questions?

Not found a use case that you or your company can identify with? You are welcome to have a look at our documentation to get an overview of how the Blueprint Creator works or to take another look at the features.

You can also schedule a free demo call with us.

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