Blueprints for Pages

Advanced templates with predefined content for Confluence pages.

Custom Fields and Placeholders with Field Types

Add placeholders to your Blueprints for pages or spaces. You can choose from various field types such as Text, Multiline text, Select, Multiselect, Date or User mention. These Placeholders act as form fields when creating a new page. Users have to fill out the placeholder values first before editing the page. The data entered will then be automatically added to the page.

Blueprints for Blogposts

Also create prepared blueprints for blog posts. Again, you can fill the page layout with placeholders that can be filled with relevant information for your posts.  

Blueprints for Pagetrees

Create Blueprints for complex Pagetrees in Confluence. 

Blueprints for Spaces

Create Space Blueprints in Confluence with pre-defined page structures and content.

Custom Fields and Placeholders for Spaces

Creating or editing a Space Blueprint is not different from creating or editing a page. You can add placeholder right of the Confluence editor for the specific pages in the space. Within there you can create multiple placeholders with different field types. When a user creates a new space using a Space Blueprint, they'll be prompted to fill in the placeholder values first, before the space gets published. The information will be added to a pre-defined place on the pages.

Customizing the Space Blueprint Form

When you create new spaces the 'Create Space' dialog will be prompted. Within there users get to choose a Space Blueprint and interact with the Space Blueprint Form. The Blueprint Creator also allows you to configure the form and to add instructions.

To not overwhelm the user with a long form and provide him with contextual instructions you can add slides to the Space Blueprint Form and assign placeholders to them (pagination).

Applying Permission Schemes to Spaces

Each space in Confluence has its own set of permissions. These can be granted and revoked by a space administrator. When users create a new space using a Space Blueprint a permission scheme can be applied automatically. The user who creates the space is automatically an administrator of that space, thus can assign permissions for the space to individual users, groups, or anonymous users.

More functionality

The Blueprint Creator offers many more possibilities to build pages and spaces in Confluence

Restricting Global Page Blueprints

The Blueprint Creator allows you to restrict global blueprints on space category level so they are only available in selected spaces. This can be helpful when you want to make a blueprint available in multiple (not all!) spaces. In order to restrict global blueprints to spaces you must make sure that the spaces are categorized.

Building Automated Index Pages

With the Blueprint Creator you can create predefined index pages. These pages list all pages that were created with their respective blueprint in an overview. This exact result can be used by a combination of the Page Properties and Page Properties Report macros. They work together to show summary information from one page on a another page.

 Consistent metadata

When you create new custom fields, labels are automatically placed on the pages and blog posts where they were placed so you can collect consistent metadata.

Prefix Pagetitels

You might want to define a common text in the title of every page, for example, every page should have a page title with the name of your product or team. This is especially helpful when common text is a search term for which you want every page to be shown. The title prefix applies a given value to the page name that shows before the title users choose. 

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Get started with the Blueprint Creator

You will find an introductory tutorial on how to get started with Page Blueprints, Space Blueprints and much more, here.

Example Blueprints

The ways in which blueprints can be used in Confluence are endless. Take a look or even test some of our many use cases.


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Blueprint Creator.

The Blueprint Creator

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us directly or visit our website.

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