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Easily enhance your Jira issues with

ACF for Jira is the ultimate way to create more beautiful and useful Jira issues with intelligent and useful custom fields.

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Greater user experience
- in every Jira issue

Our goal is to enhance the overall experience for Jira users by improving visibility, look and feel of Jira issues with easy to use and configure Custom Fields. We continuously improve the app by adding new field types that help you improve productivity by usability.





Use cases

Cascading Select

Create Forms and cascading selects with our intuitive and powerful field editor including a live preview.

Multi User Select

Share an issue with more than one person at a time. Use the multi user select in two layouts to inform, make aware and show who is working with you.

Project Status - Traffic Light

It is probably the simplest and at the same time easiest to understand way to display a project status: Our beautiful traffic light.

Progress Bar

Define static progress by manually adjusting the bar.

Colorful Custom Labels

With individual Colors and Label description you instantly bring your Issue view to a new level. Use pre-defined color-labels in any imaginable way.

Estimate with T-Shirt Sizes

Estimation by T-shirt sizes. A simple and yet well applicable method to estimate ticket sizes. Quick to grasp and thus good for stakeholder satisfaction.

Star Rating

Be it a simplified representation of valence, or the display of the complexity of a requirement. It's up to you to define it and add a little more beauty to each issue.

Up next: Radar Chart

Visualize complex relationships graphically using a radar or spider chart. For example, HR skillset assessment, feature comparisons, etc.

Up next: Battery Load Indicator

Express motivation level, potential, energy for a topic or simply progress using our Battery-Load.

Which field is next?

What use case is important to your stakeholders? Tell us and we will implement the next custom field just for you - promised.

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This page was last edited on 03/02/2023.