• As a customer with existing Atlassian licenses, you will have received a notification from Atlassian, explaining that the prices for Atlassian licenses will increase from 3 October 2019.
  • For existing customers, it is a moderate increase of around 15%.
  • The price of new licenses have drastically increased, especially for the higher user tiers on Server and Cloud. 

Important dates:

  • 27 September 2019: Last date to receive an offer at the old prices.
  • 3 October 2019: New prices come into effect. 
  • 22 November 2019: Last date to accept offers at the old prices. 

How much will the prices increase?

  • New licenses on Server will increase between 40% and 320%.
  • New licenses on Data Center will increase between 10% and 70%.
  • New licenses on Cloud will increase between 40% and 350%.

  • Maintenance renewals for Server will increase around 15%.
  • Maintenance renewals for Data Center will increase between 10% and 20%. 
  • Maintenance renewals don't apply to Cloud.
* The price increases are extremely variable and depend on both your product and your user tier.

The following Server products are affected:

  • Jira Core 
  • Jira Software 
  • Jira Service Desk 
  • Portfolio for Jira 
  • Confluence 
  • Team Calendars for Confluence
  • Confluence Questions 
  • Bitbucket 
  • Bamboo
  • Crowd 

The following Cloud products are affected:

  • Jira Software

  • Confluence

  • Jira Service Desk

  • Jira Core

  • Bitbucket Standard

  • Bitbucket Premium

The following Data Center products and services are affected:

  • Jira Software
  • Jira Service Desk
  • Portfolio for Jira
  • Confluence
  • Confluence Questions
  • Team Calendars for Confluence
  • Bitbucket
  • Crowd
  • Atlassian Services: Premier Support, Technical Account Management (TAM), Enterprise Success Package

The following products are not affected by these price increases: 

  • On Server: Fisheye & Crucible 
  • On Cloud: Jira Portfolio, Team Calendars & Questions, Jira Software Premium & Confluence Premium
  • All Atlassian Starter Licenses

Does Atlassian regularly change their prices or is this an exception?

In the past, Atlassian updated its license prices every few years (typically every two to four years). This cycle has now shortened, and it can be assumed that this will continue to happen regularly in the future. The price increases in the last four years are listed below.

  • March 2014 > an average increase of 25% for Fisheye und Crucible
  • October 2014 > an average increase of 27% for Jira Core
  • November 2014 > an average increase of 16% for Confluence Questions und Team Calendars
  • August 2016 > an average increase of 15% for Confluence
  • October 2017 > an average increase of 12% for all Atlassian products
  • October 2018 > an increase of 15% to 25% for all Server and Cloud products

Your options and how to take advantage of these offers

If you have existing licenses

    • When you don't react and take advantage of the offer below, the next time your maintenance license is due for renewal, the price of your maintenance renewal may increase by about 15% according to the grandfathering program
    • You can renew your Atlassian support (maintenance license) before it is due. Contact us by 27 September 2019 at the latest. You can purchase up to a maximum of 24 months when you renew your maintenance license. While there is a cost right now for a maintenance renewal purchase, you will save for the two years because you will have paid at the old prices. 

If you need new licenses

    • Contact us by 27 September 2019 to get an offer at the old prices. You can also decide to purchase 24 months of maintenance and support at that time, at the old prices.
    • Requests that are received after 27 September 2019 can not be accepted - these requests will receive an offer based on the new prices.

If you are planning to upgrade

    • We also recommend that you upgrade before the new prices come into effect. If you also purchase 24 months of maintenance and support at that time, you can save significantly. There are no disadvantages to purchasing the extended maintenance period now, and then later upgrading (see below for more details).

The new prices come into effect on 3 October 2019. 

Before this date, as your Atlassian licensing partner, we can generate an offer for Atlassian licenses which remains valid until 22 November 2019. To secure your Atlassian licenses and maintenance renewals at the old prices, please make sure you contact us by 27 September at the latest. We've set this date consciously a week before Atlassian's deadline on 2 October 2019. We know that many customers want to change their details of their order shortly after receiving their offer (e.g. to consolidate maintenance periods), and we are unable to reissue offers at the old prices from 3 October 2019 onwards. You will receive your final offer at the old prices by 3 October 2019 at the latest, which you then have until a month before Christmas to accept.

Please contact us at lizenzen@seibert-media.net today so we can find the best option for you.

Will the prices of third-party apps automatically increase too?

App vendors can bind the price of their apps to the prices of the product they are used in (e.g. Jira or Confluence). When the main product's price increases, then the app prices that are bound to it also increase. In our experience, few app vendors bind their pricing to the Atlassian products in this way. Of course, they could decide to increase prices at this time, and from experience, many app vendors take advantage of this opportunity. 

Are there any disadvantages of purchasing the maximum maintenance renewal with respect to a potential update in the future?

No. When you upgrade to a higher user tier, your existing maintenance period for the current year expires. However, unused full maintenance years will be credited one-to-one against your upgrade. There are no disadvantages to upgrading now or within your current one-year maintenance period (your maintenance period left in this year will expire either way). For example, if you have purchased a 24-month maintenance period but need to upgrade your user tier after only 10 months, 12 months will be credited directly against your upgrade.

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