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Atlassian offers a new model for large customers with very large, enterprise-critical instances of Atlassian products, which are used in parallel by many users. This Atlassian product is called Data Center and is now available for JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket and JIRA Service Desk. Data Center deployments complement the existing options of Cloud and Server (formerly OnDemand and Server). Data Center is designed to provide high availability and performance when scaling where Atlassian applications are run in their own data centers.


High availability

Data Center provides active-active clustering to ensure that users have uninterrupted access to critical applications when unexpected hardware errors occur. Load can be distributed across clusters, using any form of load-balancing technology, whether hardware or software-based. Data Center also supports integration with industry-standard technologies for database clustering and distributed file systems to minimize single fail-over points in the architecture.

Performance at scale

Each node in the Data Center cluster increases concurrent user capacity without sacrificing performance. During controlled load tests, Atlassian has found a nearly linear capacity increase when using clusters with two and four nodes compared to a single JIRA server with the same response time. This additional capacity provides better resilience in the case of load spikes.

Instant scalability

The architecture of the Data Center cluster allows you to add new nodes without having to go offline. To add a node to a JIRA Data Center cluster, the only requirement is that JIRA must be installed and the configuration file updated. This supports fast capacity growth as usage increases.


Data Center option for JIRA and Confluence each costs $24,000 US per year for 1,000 users. Existing server add-on licenses are compatible if the number of users is greater than or equal to the data center product. Data Center licenses are not permanent. The licenses must be renewed annually in order to be able to continue to use the Data Center deployment. You can get detailed information about the costs of currently available Data Center products here.


Questions and answers

How can I evaluate Atlassian Data Center software (JIRA, Confluence)?

  • You can evaluate Data Center by downloading JIRA or Confluence and requesting a Data Center evaluation key that enables active clustering.

What infrastructure and technical requirements must be met by the customer?

Can the end user see any difference between a standard installation or a Data Center deployment?

  • No. Data Center offers the same features as a standard installation.

How are Marketplace add-ons for Data Center licensed?

  • At the moment, there are no Data Center specific licenses for Marketplace add-ons. You can use any licensed Server add-on, as long as the number of users in that license is equal to or higher than the number of users in the Data Center license. 

What Marketplace add-ons support Data Center?

  • A Data Center symbol is displayed in the profile of Marketplace add-ons when they support Data Center. You can filter add-ons in the Marketplace to display only those that support Data Center.

How does the cost-benefit of Data Center compare to Atlassian Server?

Do you have any questions? Would you like more advice on using Data Center for Atlassian products? Can we help you with licensing or technical implementation? Feel free to contact us, with no obligations!


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