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  • Atlassian Confluence - Reasons and Use Cases for Internet Access on Server Side
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You can run Atlassian Confluence without a connection to the internet. That has some advantages and some disadvantages. We collect them on this page. Please help us add stuff by commenting or telling us via our live chat:

Why a web connection is needed? / What should be left accessible?

  • Updating and installing of Confluence Apps via the Atlassian Marketplace. There is a workaround with a download and an upload. But it's cumbersome and does not allow Confluence to check which modules need to be updated. It is highly recommended that you keep that option open.
  • If you are using Linchpin Mobile with Confluence behind the firewall you'll need to open SSL connections to "*" for the websocket connection to our gateway server.
  • Integrating YouTube videos, Google Maps and other rich media elements need web connections / whitelisting.

What are the benefits of shutting down web connections?

  • Increased security
  • Decreased privacy and data security issues
    • Atlassian themselves have a reporting and analytics tool, that will "call home" if you do not deactivate it. Other vendors can do this as well. Preventing web access and blocking ports can help reduce this automatically.
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