Atlassian Access

Securely scale and centrally manage Atlassian cloud products

Atlassian Access provides enterprise-wide enhanced security and a centralized user management system for all Atlassian cloud products used in your organization: Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello, and Statuspage.

More reliability thanks to enterprise-grade security controls

As organizations grow or as Atlassian product usage scales, it becomes more difficult and complex to maintain security for all users and data across disparate Atlassian cloud products. Atlassian Access opens up scalable control and provides administrators with management options for the best possible visibility, without hindering team agility and collaboration. In addition, customers can benefit with additional support using Atlassian Access from Atlassian.

Advantages & Features

SAML-Single-Sign-on (SSO)

More security and easy login across applications


Automated the provisioning and de-provisioning of users

Synchronization with Active Directory

Integration with user directories like Okta, Azure, OneLogin, and among others

System-wide Audit-Logs

Record all important system events for more security and transparency

Insights into the organization

Track the adoption of Atlassian products and assess the security status of users

API token controls

Make use of integrations more transparent, optimize security and manage API accesses

Mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA)

Higher protection against unauthorized access and account for misuse by third parties

Authentication policies

Organization-wide enforcement of modern security rules during registration

Safety Integrations (CASB)

Intelligent and learning monitoring with regard to suspicious activities

Unified user and policy management

Access encompasses all Atlassian cloud products and their users, enabling administrators to standardize policies in a central location and enforce them across the enterprise.

Improved security and compliance controls

For all Atlassian products, there are secure authentication methods, comprehensive insights into user activity via audit log, and constant control of API access.

Optimized lifecycle management for users

Users and groups can be synchronized with user directories and accounts can be provisioned and suspended from a central location to minimize security risks.

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