Please notice that Archiving for Confluence is called Better Content Archiving from September 2018 on. If you like to purchase the AddOn, please refer to the new product name.

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...implements Content Lifecycle Management for Atlassian Confluence, so you can control the currency, validity and quality of your information. Automatic content health checks, archiving and notifications make the largest Confluence instances streamlined and clutter-free!

Why archiving?

Archiving Plugin gives you the tools and options to gain back control over your overgrown or soon-to-be overgrown Confluence. When you start using Archiving Plugin, it's recommended to calculate the quality of your existing content, so you know what you have to deal with. But don't worry: deeply customizable content lifecycle rules help you keep even the largest Confluence instances up to date.

These configurations can be applied globally - to have effect on all spaces in an instance - or separately by space. Your configurations control every step and action in your content workflow and they are very powerful, too. They can help you find stale content that no-one viewed in ages or outdated content that hasn't been edited in a long time. This would be impossible to do manually if there are thousand or tens of thousands of pages. You can use and even combine these configuration settings to act on those pages: report them to the pre-configured users or even archive them seamlessly.

Archiving can happen based on a schedule job (like the last day of every month) or can be started manually. To control manual archiving of pages or page trees, you can use a range of labels. Archive spaces are created automatically when the first archiving happens, and the rest of the content goes to the same archive space, without causing confusion. An archived space is named the same way as it's fresh space only with an "(Archive)" post fix. Page hierarchy is also maintained in archived spaces, so it fully resembles the original space and doesn't confuse anyone. Restoring an archived space or page is possible by simply moving them over to the appropriate location.


Number of usersCommercial licensesAcademic licenses
1010 USD10 USD
25290 USD145 USD
50590 USD295 USD
1001,190 USD595 USD
2502,490 USD1,245 USD
5003,990 USD1,995 USD
2.0004,990 USD2,495 USD
10.0005,990 USD2,995 USD
10.000+7,490 USD3,745 USD

Benefits of the plugin

  • Efficiency 
    Reduce the volume of growing, uncontrolled information

  • Productivity
    Don't waste resources relying on inaccurate information

  • Consistency
    Get automatic alerts on content that is critical to be current

  • Reliability
    Don't mislead anyone with outdated documentation

  • Compliance
    Achieve compliance with regulations by preserving the "wiki memory" for ever

  • Reduced risk
    Do not delete content. Archive it

Use Cases for the plugin

  • Monthly sales report pages need an update by the Sales Manager every 30 days
  • Product manual pages not viewed by anyone for 500 days must be reported to the Technical Documentation leader
  • Quarterly goal lists can be moved away on the 10th day of the new quarter
  • Meeting notes never require an update
  • Intranet content created 3+ years ago and not visited for 365+ days can be silently archived


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