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  • Agile Software Development and Scrum - Infos, Knowledge, Hints, Best Practices
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This page is a collection of resources and information on "Agile" and Scrum, which we have made freely available on the web. It is intended to allow you to more easily begin your work and give you useful information on a possible collaboration with //SEIBERT/MEDIA in an agile software project.


99 Reasons for Scrum

It is not easy to establish agile methods in software development, however, Scrum is worth it. We have collected 99 reasons, why customers, staff, and service provider equally benefit from Scum.

Introduction to Scrum

Scrum describes a Rugby move, which at first appears as chaotic hustling, which is, however, thoroughly studied. The approach is based on few clear rules which allow to respond flexibly to altered requirements. We have collected the most important aspects of this approach in an introduction:

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