This page is a collection of resources and information on JAVA projects, which we have made freely available on the web. It is intended to allow you to more easily begin your work and give you useful information on a possible collaboration with //SEIBERT/MEDIA in your software project.

Introduction to agile development projects with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

We currently work in software development projects with over 30 programmers both in front end and back end. Our programming knowledge comprises Java in particular (i.e. GWT, Grails, Groovy, Hibernate, Spring, …). We also have one or several specialists for almost any other programming language. This is how to get started in software development with //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

99 Reasons for Scrum

It is not easy to establish agile methods in software development, however, Scrum is worth it. We have collected 99 reasons, why customers, staff, and service provider equally benefit from Scum.

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Agile Java-Entwicklung
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