This guide should be used by Jira Admins only.

Step 1 - Identify the ID of the PI

Open the desired team or the ART project via the Agile Hive menu.

Select the PI from the PI dropdown that should be deleted

The ID of the PI is now visible at the end of the URL.

In this example the ID is 5.

Step 2 - Delete the PI via REST

Replace the XXXX in the following command with the identified ID from step 1.$.ajax({method: 'DELETE', url: '/jira/rest/agilehive/latest/planning-interval?planningIntervalId=XXXX', contentType:"application/json"})
Example:$.ajax({method: 'DELETE', url: '/jira/rest/agilehive/latest/planning-interval?planningIntervalId=5', contentType:"application/json"})
Compare the URL with the URL of your Jira. In some cases you might need to remove /jira from the command

Our URL:

Other URL:

Now open the developer tools of your browser and select the 'Console' tab. 

Copy & paste the command into the command line at the bottom and hit the Enter button.

It worked if you see the following new line:

Reload the page and you can see that the PI has been deleted.
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This page was last edited on 01/31/2024.