When I first started to get to know SAFe, I was very skeptical. A 'waterfallish' approach to agile for old rotten companies that don't understand how to embrace and live change in the modern world, or so I thought. 

When I learned about Conscious Capitalism (or Conscious Business), I was skeptical as well. (You can also see my interview with Thomas Eckschmidt and read his guest post on our blog.) A holistic approach to building and running companies based on love and respect. Too idealistic and too far away from the status quo. Most of our customers seem to be too far away even to consider this an option.

It's easy to criticize. We can all find risks in anything new. If you want to change things, doesn't it make perfect sense to have two models? One that is idealistic and an aspiration, and another that isn't easy, yet proven to work in big enterprise environments? SAFe is something that your organization probably should look at closely. At least I assume that most of my readers will fall into this category. And Conscious Capitalism is the aspiration that follows. It's probably too much for now, but why not look at the sky and watch how beautiful the stars can shine?

In order to understand more in-depth about Conscious Capitalism, you may want to look into John Mackey's book to learn more about it. 

If SAFe is agile at scale. Then Conscious Capitalism is SAFe at scale.

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Martin Seibert

Martin Seibert is the CEO of Seibert Media in Germany. He has written German books on Enterprise Wikis (2011) and Intranets (2020). This is going to be his third book.

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