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The "Custom Epic Panel" app lets you work with all types of issues in the Epic Panel, along with the Epic functionality.

Jira administrators can define which issues should be displayed on which agile boards (Scrum / Kanban). Jira users can use the familiar Epic functionality and follow their usual workflows. They shouldn't need any additional training to use the feature correctly.


  • Customize which issues are to be displayed in the Epic Panel based on a JQL query, irrespective of the board filter.
  • Work with a variety of issues types within the Epic Panel, not just Epics.
  • Configure which JQL queries should apply to which agile boards.
  • Specify which link type and direction should be set automatically when an issue is dragged from the backlog to an issue in the Epic Panel.
  • Decide whether issues can belong to more than one issue in the Epic Panel.
  • Rename the title of the Epic Panel and other labels on the Agile Board according to your requirements.


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