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The further development of Agile Hive is heavily influenced by the feedback we receive from customers, evaluators and Atlassian Partners. Based on their input we are presenting the short-term roadmap. The roadmap's objective is to keep you informed about our backlog and give you the possibility to provide feedback

Please note that circumstances and requirements in software are subject to changes and that there is no guarantee that the following features will be implemented in the stated time frames.

Discuss Features

Coming up next

Breakout Board 2.0
- Feature & Team backlog
- Drag & drop of issues
- Feature & Story mapping
- Set dependencies easily
- View multi team features
Multi Hive
Create & manage independent SAFe configurations
External Dependencies
Present dependent issues from external projects in the Program Board
Program Roadmaps
- Planning of ART issues on a PI roadmap
- Issue duration is calculated automatically based on the ART Velocity
Portfolio Roadmaps
Planning of portfolio issues on a roadmap
Kanban Teams
Support of Kanban teams at team level
Shared Services
Support of teams working in multiple ARTs

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