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The further development of Agile Hive is heavily influenced by the feedback we receive from customers, evaluators and Atlassian Partners. Based on their input we are presenting the short-term roadmap. The roadmap's objective is to keep you informed about our backlog and give you the possibility to provide feedback

Please note that circumstances and requirements in software are subject to changes and that there is no guarantee that the following features will be implemented in the stated time frames.

May2020 Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan2021 Feb Mar Apr May

Agile Hive 3.0

Agile Hive 3.5

Agile Hive 4.0

Breakout Board 1.0

PI Creation

No other apps needed

Program Board


Extended Reports

Confluence in Jira Integration

Confluence Companion App

Breakout Board 2.0

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