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Release Notes

Full version history

Version 3.7.0

Bug fixes

  • EAP Migration Wizard: When the "Migrate now" Button was clicked multiple times, the Migration Wizard could create more PIs than expected by migrating everything multiple times.
  • EAP Migration Wizard: When the planned Start- or End-Dates of Sprints were not perfectly aligned, multiple Iterations were created and every Team's Sprints were placed in it's own Iteration

Version 3.6.0

New Features

  • Scheduled features can be removed from teams


  • Subtasks are no longer shown in the Agile Hive views
  • Within the Create Screen: Changing the issue type no longer deletes the PI or Sprint information

Bug fix

  • 400 error when opening the breakout board from the program level

Version 3.5.0

New Features

  • During the Breakout Session teams can now assign Features to them with the new Drag and Drop function from the Program Backlog and start breaking them down immediately
  • In order for this feature to work, the admin will have to add the new custom field "Teams involved" to the Program issue screen
  • The Agile Hive custom fields "Program Increment" and "Teams involved" are now supported in the JQL Search

Bug fixes

  • The Easy Agile Programs Migration will no longer fail, when sprints created by Easy Agile Programs have been deleted
  • Cost of Delay can now be calculated when one of User business value, Time criticallity or RROE are 0

UI Improvements

  • Better visualized team name on the Agile Hive views

Version 3.3.0

New Features


  • Edit future Program Increments

Breakout Board

  • Features can now be broken down into stories directly in the breakout board

Portfolio Report

  • The Portfolio Overview table has been expanded with the following three columns:
    • 1. Epic Owner
    • 2. WSJF
    • 3. Status


  • Agile Hive is now compatible with Jira 8.13

Version 3.1.1

Bug fixes

  • This release fixes a bug where no new projects could be created when one of the original Jira statuses (Open, In Progress, Reopened, Resolved or Closed) had been renamed prior to the app's installation.
  • Agile Hive workflows were not created due to missing statuses, so project creation failed with an error message. Agile Hive now ensures that all needed statuses are created instead on relying on them being present on the Jira system.
  • The plugin has to be deactivated and reactivated after upgrading for the workflows to be created.

Version 3.1.0

All new PI Planning

  • Migration Wizard
    • Easy Agile Programs is no longer needed (the costs of Agile Hive are therefore lowered up to 50%)
    • Migrate easily from Easy Agile Programs to Agile Hive 3
  • Breakout Board
    • View all sprints of all teams of the desired PI
    • Manage capacities & visualize dependencies
    • Features and other ART issues are displayed as swimlanes
  • Program Board
    • Automatically generated view - no maintenance needed
    • View when ART issues will be delivered during a PI
    • Visualized dependencies
  • Program Increments
    • Create PIs for each of your ARTs
    • Sprints are being created automatically for all teams in your ART
    • New PI custom field for Teams & ARTs

Version 2.28.0

Bug fixes

  • Fix summing of Story-Points in the Team-Panel of the Art-Report
  • Fix treatment of Objectives with no "Uncommitted" Field on the Screen
  • Fix Problem with exporting the Business Value Custom-Fields to the Jira-Macro in Confluence

Version 2.27.0

AgileHive 1.10.0-bundle

Bug fixes

  • Fixed wrong calculation of “Days passed” when viewing future PIs in the Agile Hive Reports view
  • Fixed a massive Heap-Memory consumption bug in the Agile Hive Context Panel, caused by Jira issues, which are linked incorrectly in the hierarchy and formed an endless loop. In general the Agile Hive Link-Validation prevents such situations, but they can still occur by migrating or importing Data or by using the REST-API
  • Fixed an StackOverflow error in the Portfolio Report, caused by Jira issues, which are linked incorrectly in the hierarchy and formed an endless loop.


  • Several minor visual improvements in the Agile Hive Reports & in the Project Hierarchies
  • Added a loading indicator to Program-, Large Solution- and Portfolio-Reports
  • The projects icons of the teams in the ART-Reports now link to the Agile Hive Team Reports

Project configuration improvements (only affects new installations)

  • The issue type Enabler is added to the context of the Story Point field and is now capable of using Story Points
  • Agile Hive fields are now being created without a description to avoid a bug where Jira adds unexpected <p> tags
  • Improved sorting order of all WSJF fields in Agile Hive screens
  • The field “User business Value” has been removed from all objective screens

AutoPage 2.9.0-bundle

Bug fixes

  • Accessing an Issue which does not participate in an AutoPage rule sends an unnecessary HTTP request to the the Jira-Server which results in an HTTP-Error 400

InstaPrinta 2.6.0-bundle

New templates (existing templates are not affected)

  • The new template "Agile Hive" combines the old "Agile Hive - Story" and "Agile Hive - Feature” template into one template, which shows different information based on the issue type.

Version 2.26.2


  • Fixes a bug in the new Portfolio level Reports

Version 2.25.0


  • In rare cases, incorrect sprints were shown in the Agile Hive reports.

Version 2.24.1


  • Reduce Logging in Case of missing or expired License
  • Fix (harmless but annoying) Exceptions during Installation

Version 2.22.0


  • The status of the Risks is now correct in the reports' Risk Panel
  • A problem during installation was fixed that occurred when Jira already had a status that only diverged from the statuses that ship with Agile Hive by casing.


  • The tooltip text in the PI-Progress widget is now more descriptive
  • JQL-Search can now search for all Agile Hive CustomFields

Known Problems

  • If you upgrade from an older Agile Hive release, the Custom-Fields "Actual Business Value" and "Planned Business Value" are still text fields and can't be searched for. In the next release they will be converted to Fibonacci-Sequence Number-Dropdown fields and this problem will be resolved.
  • If you can't view Issues after the update and instead see error messages similar to `Error rendering '…'. Please contact your Jira administrators`, please restart your Jira-Instance to resolve the bug. It originates from Jiras inability to accept changes in CustomField types' signature between Plugin Updates.

Version 2.21.0

Important changes

1. In order to reduce the number of issue types, issue types have been renamed. Please update your Filters and the Configurations of the Custom Epic Panel manually.

  • All Enablers have been renamed to "Enabler"
  • All Objectives have been renamed to "Objective"
  • All Impediments have been renamed to "Impediment"
  • "Epic (Portfolio)" renamed to "Portfolio Epic"
  • "Capability (Solution)" renamed to "Capability"

2. To see Team PI / ART PI or Solution PI Objectives in Agile Hive Reports, they must be linked to a planned issue using the "Is Objective of" link

New Features

  • All new Large Solution Report with the following widgets: Staff Members, PI Statistics, PI Overview, Solution PI Objectives and Risks
  • Large Solution Report PI Dropdown: PIs are now selected over time periods
  • Future PIs can now be selected in all reports


  • Renamed several Agile Hive Schemes to be more identifiable (this change only affects new installations)
  • The workflows and boards have been adapted to SAFe
  • Performance: Agile Hive supports Hives with a lot of projects with much better performance now
  • Performance: Agile Hive reports are loaded much faster if there are many issues in the PI
  • The fields "Actual Business Value" and "Plan Business Value" are now select fields (this change only affects new installations)
  • Adjustments on the description of Agile Hive custom fields (this change only affects new installations)
  • Empty Agile Hive Report widgets are now displaying informative messages
  • Improvement, Impediment and Objective screens have been adjusted to display only useful fields (this change only affects new installations)
  • Automatically created boards for Agile Hive projects are now initially visible to all users

Bug Fixes

  • Updating Agile Hive caused the creation of duplicated Issue Types
  • ART-Reports support Microsoft Edge now
  • Agile Hive WSJF & Risk custom fields can now be displayed in correctly in Confluence

Version 2.12.0

  • App Bundle: The Jira apps AutoPage, Custom Epic Panel and InstaPrinta are now fully integrated into Agile Hive.
  • WSJF: Added WSJF custom fields (Job Size, User-business value, Time criticality, Risk reduction-opportunity enablement value). The Cost of delay and the WSJF value will be calculated automatically when you provide the aforesaid.
  • Navigation: Automated & dynamic Agile Hive menu in the Jira top navigation, for easy & fast access to all Hive projects and SAFe levels. No further administration needed.
  • Team Report improvement: Planned issues that were not done in a sprint will remain visible in that sprint including the status.
  • New Team Report: Overall PI Progress added.
  • Jira Configuration: Added Team Issuetypes (Objective (Team), Enabler (Team), Risk, Impediment (Team), Improvement).
  • General: Usability improvements & small bugfixes.
This page was last edited on 12/21/2020.