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For: VERSION 1.4.0


The "Portfolio Forecast" gadget shows the existing and completed story points within a Portfolio epic during a selected analysis period updated on a daily basis and is able to forecast its completion date.

 Detailed descriptions of the elements in the gadget are as follows:

The X axis shows the start and end date of the selected analysis period.

The Y axis shows the Story Points.

Black line - Displays the sum of all Story Points for the selected Portfolio Epic.

Green line - Displays the sum of all completed Story Points for the selected Portfolio Epic.

Dashed black line - A linear average is calculated based on the Story Points added during the analysis period and displayed as a forecast for future story points.

Dashed green line - Based on the analysis period, a linear average is calculated and displayed as a forecast for completed Story Points.

Gray straight line - Similar to the black line, the gray straight line represents the sum of all Story Points for the selected Portfolio Epic, but also in the future and without any further Story Point changes.

Blue marker - Automatically displays today's date.

Green marker - Displays the internal completion date, if specified.

Red marker - Represents the end of the analysis period as well as the external completion date.

Purple marker - represents the forecasted completion date. If this marker is not displayed, you must extend the analysis period by updating the "Ext. Completion Date" field in the gadget configuration.

Portfolio Forecast gadget

Gadget configuration

You can configure the following settings in this gadget:

Chart Title

You can choose a title to replace the default title of this gadget.

EpicYou must select a Portfolio Epic from the drop-down list (required).

Start Date

You can enter the start of the analysis period here. If you do not enter a start date, the creation date of the Epic is used.

int. Completion Date

The internal completion date is optional. You can use this to set a marker to indicate when you plan internally to have completed the Epic.
The internal completion date should be before the external completion date in order to have a buffer for the planned completion date.

ext. Completion Date

You must enter the end date of the analysis period here (required).

Portfolio Forecast gadget configuration

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