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For: VERSION 1.4.0


The "Portfolio Burndown" gadget shows the open Story Points of all issues at the Team level which are hierarchically assigned to a Portfolio Epic within a specified time period.

 Detailed descriptions of the elements in the gadget are as follows:

The X-axis represents the start and end date of the analysis period.

The Y-axis represents the Story Points that have to be completed.

Click on the individual points on the blue line to see the following information:

  • Date at that point (Time)
  • Number of open Story Points (Total Story Points)
  • Link to see the underlying issues (source issues)

The grey "Ideal" straight line represents the ideal trajectory for completing the issues.

Portfolio Burndown gadget

Gadget configuration

You can configure the following settings in this gadget:

Chart TitleYou can choose a title to replace the default title of this gadget.
Portfolio EpicYou must select a Portfolio Epic from the drop-down list (required).
JQL Selector

With the JQL Selector you can define an optional filter using JQL which is applied at the Program level.

For example:

  • You could include only issues from certain releases.
  • You could exclude issues with certain statuses.
Start DateYou must enter the start date for the analysis period (required).
End DateYou must enter the end date for the analysis period (required).

Portfolio Burndown gadget configuration

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