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1. Introduction

This user manual covers all of the dashboards provided by Agile Hive based on the Atlassian tools Jira and Confluence and explains their functionality.

  • Jira is the primary system - In Jira, you can find the comprehensive reporting, hierarchical view of all SAFe artifacts and the visual representation of dependencies.
  • Confluence provides support for the documentation, such as for the "Lean Business Case" or discussions about the Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) of an epics or feature. A major advantage of this solution is that Confluence pages and their content are created automatically from Jira.

2. Short introduction (video)

The video on the right introduces Agile Hive with all of the main features.

3. Agile Hive - An overview of the hierarchy

The diagrams on the right show the following four different "Agile Hive -SAFe configurations:

  • Agile Hive - Full SAFe 
  • Agile Hive - Large Solution SAFe 
  • Agile Hive - Portfolio SAFe
  • Agile Hive - Essential SAFe

These configurations differ mainly in the number of SAFe levels. We have numbered the levels from 1 to 4 and included their names (PORTFOLIO, LARGE SOLUTION, PROGRAM or TEAM). Each level uses specific types of issues such as "EPIC (PORTFOLIO)" or "ENABLER (PORTFOLIO)" at the PORTFOLIO level.

These issues are linked from level to level with special hierarchical links. Agile Hive's linking concept ensures that unauthorized hierarchical links, e.g. from the PORTFOLIO level directly to the TEAM level, cannot be set by users and therefore will avoid errors.

Additional issue types can be used on the various levels as needed. You can also choose to include these issue types in the hierarchy or not.

In principle, you can rename all of the elements (levels, issue types, links, etc.) quickly and easily.

Agile Hive - Full SAFe HierarchyAgile Hive - Large Solution SAFe Hierarchy

Agile Hive - Portfolio SAFe HierarchyAgile Hive - Essential SAFe Hierarchy

4. Agile Hive Navigation

Agile Hive has its own navigation menu in Jira, in which all dashboards can be accessed easily and centrally. This menu is only visible to employees working in the SAFe context. By default these employees can also see all issues in the SAFe context (however, editing rights are granted on a user-specific basis).

Jira administrators can change the name of the "Agile Hive" menu item in the (see screenshot) as well as the names of all entries in the Agile Hive menu. You can also include additional menu items, headings (shown in capital letters in the screenshot) and even sub-menus.

The menu items shown can be customized for specific Jira user groups. For example, the section with the heading "ADMIN" and its entries, such as "Manage Structure", are only visible to Jira administrators by default.

This menu shows a full-safe configuration with two agile release trains:

  1. ART 1 - Full House
  2. ART 2 - Royal Flush

All Agile Hive menu items are explained below.

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