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Let InstaPrinta print out any Jira Issues on paper cards for your next PI Planning or simply save them as PDF.

This page will guide you on how to activate the included SAFe print templates for Stories and Features.

Administration → Manage apps → InstaPrinta → Configuration


Global Configuration

As a Jira Administrator please go to: Administration → Manage apps → InstaPrinta → Configuration

From the dropdown Global Default Template please select "Agile Hive Story" and hit Save.

Project Configuration

For every Jira project which is part of the SAFe Program Level please adjust the following InstaPrinta options in each project settings: Project → Project Configuration → InstaPrinta

  • Activate "Project Configuration"
  • Set the available Templates to "Agile Hive Feature"
  • Set the Default Project Template to "Agile Hive Feature" and hit Save