Health Check

Missing Primary Board

The “Missing Primary Board“ error indicates, that your project has no dedicated Agile Hive Primary Board set. A Primary Board needs to be a Scrum Board. Agile Hive needs a Scrum Board to create and track the Sprints during your PIs. Without a Scrum Board the Breakout and Program Board will not work properly. Kanban Teams need to have a Scrum board additionally to their Kanban board, too.

If you don't have one, create a new Scrum Board in Jira’s Board Overview (Boards → View all Boards → Create Board) and choose “Create a Scrum Board”. Resolve this error by setting the Primary Board in the Project Settings → Agile Hive menu entry. Choose a Scrum Board from the boards associated with this project and save your setting.

If you changed your Primary Board, be sure  to recreate the Sprints for existing PIs in this board. 

Either choose “Board from existing project” to create a new Filter or “Board from existing Saved Filter” if you already have one.

Either choose “Board from existing project” to create a new Filter or “Board from existing Saved Filter” if you already have one.

If you chose “Board from existing Project“, you simply name your Board and choose the Team Project which has no Scrum Board yet.

If you chose “Board from existing Saved Filter”, simply name your new board and choose one of your previously saved Filters.

After creating a Scrum Board for your Team project, make sure to set it as your Primary Board and recreate the Sprints for your existing PIs.

After that, go to Project Settings or follow the link in the Agile Hive Health Check to set the Board as your Primary Board for this project.

Be sure to recreate the Sprints for your existing PIs if you changed from one Primary Board to another.

Multiple Projects in Primary Board Filter

The “Multiple Projects in Primary Board Filter“ error indicates, that your Primary Board contains other projects than just your Team project. This can lead to problems in creating sprints and bind them to the specific project. If, for example, another Team's project is in the same filter, that Team can end up with duplicate sprints and the first Team having none.

You have multiple options to fix this issue:

  • Alter the Primary Board filter so that it only contains the right project. 
  • You can create or use a second Scrum Board which only contains the Team project and set this as Primary Board.

It is no problem, if multiple Boards exist for a Team project. Even in the daily work, Team Members can use Boards with more elaborate filter queries, as long as the selected Primary Board filter only contains a single project.

From your Board, choose "Configure" from the menu in the top right corner.

You can edit your Board Query by choosing "Edit filter query".

Make sure, your JQL filter query only contains the Team's main project.

Missing Sprints or Sprints in wrong Board

If Sprints have been deleted, your team joined a new ART or your project’s Primary Board changed you may encounter the “Missing Sprints or Sprints in wrong Board” error. Agile Hive needs to know which Sprints in your Board are related to your ART’s Program Increments to determine where issues should be moved if you drag and drop or create them in the Breakout Board or in order to show the Team Reports. Normally, this connection is made when a PI is created and Sprints for all teams are automatically created in the teams' Primary Boards. The following cases might make it necessary to recreate this connection.

You will find the function to recreate the sprints in the “Agile Hive” menu in the Project Settings. 

If your team has been added to another ART with existing PIs
If that is the case, you will have to (initially) create the Sprints so they are correctly connected to the PI iterations. 

If you switched your Primary Board
When switching boards, Agile Hive still holds references to your old board’s sprints. With “Recreate missing sprints“ those old references will be removed and new sprints will be created in your new Primary Board and connected to Agile Hive.

Sprints from other Boards can still appear in your backlog as long as issues that match your board’s filters are in those Sprints. To avoid having duplicate Sprints, rename the old ones before recreating the Sprints in the new Primary Board, then move your issues from the old ones to the new and delete the old Sprints.

If you deleted sprints
If you have deleted a future sprint from your board, you can simply recreate it and it will be connected to Agile Hive again by clicking “Recreate missing sprints”.

Missing Admin User for Agile Hive Properties

Please make sure, that you choose an Admin User before you start working with Agile Hive. This user will be used to set the properties necessary for the Reports and the Program Board. Without this user, no properties will be set and as a result, Program Board and Reports will not work.

If you worked on issues that are in an Agile Hive managed ART before choosing this user, make sure, you use the Manual re-calculation feature on the Settings page. This will trigger the property generation for all issues in your Agile Hive hierarchy and will fix Reports and Program Board data. The manual re-calculation and the Cron job won't work either, if the Admin User has not been set.

Manual re-calculation was not executed

In order for the Burn-Up Chart to show data after the first installation of Agile Hive you will have to trigger the Re-calculation for the Agile Hive Properties. This run will calculate the first data point for Burn-Up Charts of active PIs. It will calculate planned and done Story Points for the day the re-calculation was executed. It won't calculate data points for any prior changes though. After that, every change will create new data points for the chart.

Please make sure, that you have already set an Admin user for the Property generation process as described in the previous section.

Property recalculation user doesn't have correct permissions for Projects

The defined user for Report and Program Board property re-calculation is missing permissions for some Projects.

In order to calculate the properties for the Reports and Program Boards the user needs the following permissions for every Project in the Hive:

  • In the Project permissions
    • Browse Projects

      Ability to browse projects and the issues within them.

  • In the Issue permissions
    • Edit Issues

      Ability to edit issues.

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This page was last edited on 09/14/2023.