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What is Agile Hive?

  • "Agile Hive - SAFe with Atlassian Tools" is a solution, developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA, to support the Scaled Agile Frameworks (SAFe) using Atlassian software.

Is Agile Hive an app?

  • Agile Hive not an app, but a comprehensive SAFe solution based on Atlassian tools, which uses a wide variety of useful apps and includes services such as the implementation of Agile Hive in a customer's infrastructure.
  • You can find more information on our official Agile Hive website under the sections titled "License package", "Service package" and "Additional services" as well as detailed information about the apps that are included, the services included in the service package and optional additional services.

Can we book an Agile Hive presentation?

  • We'd love to give a free remote-presentation. Gerne vereinbaren wir mit Ihnen kostenlose Remote-Präsentationen zu Agile Hive. Contact us to arrange a time.

How can we evaluate Agile Hive?

  • We can provide you free access to our Agile Hive test environment which is fully configured for all SAFe levels. Contact us to request access.

How can we evaluate Agile Hive in our own Jira environment?

  • We can help you set up a proof-of-concept project to evaluate Agile Hive in your own environment (test/staging environment). We recommend using the free evaluation licenses to keep costs to a minimum. Ask us about evaluating Agile Hive in your own environment.
  • If you'd like to evaluate Agile Hive independently from your Jira environment, we would be happy to set up a free Agile Hive test environment which is fully configured for all SAFe levels (see How can we evaluate Agile Hive).

Do we need to repurchase licenses for the components that we already have?

  • If you already have one or more of the software components or apps used in Agile Hive (under "License package", click on Show all apps), for example Jira Software, Scriptrunner oder Structure, you won't need to purchase those licenses again. The total price of the license package will be reduced by the cost of any existing licenses you already have.

Is Agile Hive compatible with Data Center?

  • Agile Hive is compatible with Data Center and is already being used productively by several large Data Center customers.

Is the introduction of SAFe a component of Agile Hive?

  • The introduction of SAFe is not a component of Agile Hive, and should be previously completed or introduced in parallel. We recommend our experienced partner Kegon to help you with your SAFe transformation.

What is necessary for a successful Agile Hive implementation?

  • That your company is in the middle of the SAFe Implementation Roadmap or it has already been completed.
  • The //SEIBERT/MEDIA project team who are working with you remotely requires administrator access to your Jira and Confluence systems. If your systems are only accessible via a VPN, the project team will also need to be granted VPN access.

How does Agile Hive affect existing Jira projects?

  • Agile Hive does not make any changes to your existing Jira projects.

What does a typical Agile Hive project look like?

  • We will answer your conceptual and technical questions throughout the evaluation phase (via presentations and the test environment).
  • After defining your requirements, we will provide you with an offer for your custom Agile Hive implementation project.
  • To help us collaborate, we will set up a private extranet space in our Confluence instance which will contain all relevant information, contact details, offers, purchase receipts, and the current project status and tasks. You will also receive access to your project in our Jira instance where you can raise issues and see the development progress.
  • Once you have accepted the offer, we will run a kick-off workshop where we cover a number of topics in great detail, including the project's structure, roles and responsibilities, and workflows.
  • Then, these items will be implemented remotely, and once finished, you will be asked to evaluate and accept the implementation.
  • We will provide a webinar covering each SAFe level that you have chosen to implement. Additional training sessions at your location can be requested at an additional cost.
  • Many of our customers choose to purchase a support package so we can continue to provide support for their Agile Hive solution after the implementation project is complete.

How long does it take to introduce Agile Hive?

  • Different customers have different requirements and are at varying stages in their implementation of SAFe, which is why there is no common length of an Agile Hive project. We have had some implementations take only one week, but our current average project length is 4-6 weeks.

What support options do you offer for Agile Hive?

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