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Easy Agile Programs

With Easy Agile Programs, the program roadmaps, program increments and the dependencies of the respective Agile Release Trains are mapped. This page guides you through the configuration steps.


After successful installation of Easy Agile Programs, all users who are in the "jira-administators" group can create, change and remove programs. The "Manage Programs" permission setting can be found in the Global Permissions (Administration → System → Global permissions), which, like any other Global Permission, can be adapted to your needs.

Further details can be found in the Easy Agile Programs documentation.


Programs Overview

Open the Programs overview page to create new programs or delete existing ones by clicking on the "Boards" menu item "View all programs".

Existing programs are listed in this view and can be deleted using the ... button at the end of each line. New programs can be created using the blue button "New Program".

Create new Programs

Click on the blue "New Program" button on the Programs overview page. The following settings must be made in the dialog that appears:

  • Provide a program name
  • Provide all team boards of the ART
  • Select the third option under Program Roadmap: "I want to schedule other issue types from a dedicated agile board onto my Program Roadmap"
  • Provide the Kanban Board of the ART in the Roadmap Board field
  • Enter the link type "Child of" in the field "Choose your Jira Issue Link Type (Team to Roadmap)"

Repeat this process for other Programs.

Create new Program Increments

A Program Increment is a collection of Sprints. You can choose existing Sprints from your team's board, or where there are no existing Sprints, Easy Agile Programs will automatically create them for you. 

New increments can be created in any program using the blue "New Increment" button. The "Create an Increment" dialog then appears, which must be configured with the desired settings:

  1. Give your Increment a Name
  2. StartDate: When does this Program Increment start?
  3. Sprint Length: Are your Sprints 1 or 2 weeks in length?
  4. Sprint Count: Are there 5 or 6 Sprints in your Increment?

This content was last updated on 04/09/2020.

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