AutoPage creates, links & updates Confluence pages, page trees & the page content automatically through Jira


  • Automated Page Creation
  • Rules - Define when and how Confluence pages should be created
  • Templates - Maintain consistent looks by creating templates with predefined page structures
  • Placeholders - Quit updating your Confluence page manually and begin using dynamic placeholders which can be filled with your Jira values
  • Macros - Forget static macro content and start adding dynamic values to your favorite Confluence macros
  • Audit Log - Keep an overview of the operations performed by AutoPage on the right side of your Jira Issue
  • Manual Text Edit - Add your own content to the generated Confluence page

Administration → Manage apps → AutoPage → AutoPage Settings


Application Link

To use AutoPage, you need to set up an application link between Jira and Confluence (see Atlassian's Application Link documentation).
If there are multiple Confluence application links in Jira, AutoPage uses the primary Confluence application link.

We recommend that you configure the application link to use "OAuth with impersonation". In this case, users do not have to be logged into Confluence to generate a page via AutoPage.

When using "OAuth authentication", you must ensure that the user is logged in to Confluence before generating or updating a Confluence page using AutoPage (see also the documentation for OAuth security for application links).

Permissions in Confluence

AutoPage creates Confluence pages as the Jira user who is currently editing the issue. The user must have access to the space where the Confluence page will be created. They also need permission to create pages.

The Confluence template which is used to generate a Confluence page, must be located in a space where the user has read access. You can restrict template editing using page restrictions (see the documentation on Page Restrictions). The page restrictions should not restrict visibility for the user.


View the AutoPage Settings

As a Jira Administrator please go to: Administration → Manage apps → AutoPage → AutoPage Settings

This view shows all created AutoPage rules that will define when and how Confluence pages should be created or updated.

Create a new AutoPage rule for the "Portfolio Epic" Overview page

In order to create a new AutoPage rule please click on the blue button "+ Create new rule".

The image on the left shows you how you could configure this rule. Of course you can adjust those settings to suit your needs.

All settings within the rule dialog are described here:

Rule nameProvide a name for your rule (Example: Portfolio Epic Overview)
Enabled/DisabledEnable or Disable this rule


+ Issue Event Types

+ Sprint Events

Define how the rule should be executed:

  • Issue Events
  • Postfunction
  • Sprint Events

Issue & Sprint Events have further Event Types to select from. Here is a selection of the most used ones:

Issue Event Types:

  • All events
  • Created
  • Commented
  • Resolved
  • Updated
  • ...

Sprint Events

  • Created
  • Updated
  • Started
  • Closed

Define which issues the rule should be applied to:


  • project = PORTFOLIO and issuetype = "Epic (Portfolio)"
Confluence SpaceSelect the Confluence space where the pages of this rule should be created
Confluence Template PageSelect a Confluence page within the defined Space which will be used as a template
Confluence Page Title

Define how the page titles should be created.

  • Example: $#{Key} - $#{Summary}
  • Result: PORTFOLIO-12 - This is the Summary of the Issue
Confluence Page LabelsDefine labels that will applied to the Confluence page
Parent Page

Select how you want to define the parent page:

  1. Confluence Page
    1. Provide a Confluence Page in the dropdown: Confluence Page
  2. Page of another rule is used as the Parent Page
    1. Provide an AutoPage rule in the dropdown: Rule
  3. Parent Page from Custom Field
    1. Provide a Custom Field in the dropdown: Custom Field
Create a Remote Issue LinkIf enabled, the Jira Issue and the created Confluence page will be linked

Issue Link Name

Provide a custom Link name

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