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For: VERSION 1.4.0


The ART Progress gadget gives you an overview of how much progress has been made in the configured Program Increment.  You can also forecast how many of the planned and open story points can still be implemented. 

The example shows the PI "PI 1 / 2018 House" for the Agile Release Train "ART - Full House".

  • The grey "Open" bar represents the complete Program Increment period and serves as a benchmark. 
  • The red "Watched Date" is the date on which you selected to view the report. This date can today or any date in the past. This allows you you to view the ART Progress retroactively.
  • The green "Done" bar shows the percentage of completed story points for the ART on the date you selected.
  • The black "Done Forecast" markshows how many story points are expected to be completed as a percentage by the end of the PI. This calculation is based on the previous velocity of the PIs.

You can see the actual percentage values in the gadget's legend.

ART Progress gadget

Gadget configuration

You can configure the following settings in this gadget:

Chart TitleYou can choose a title to replace the default title of this gadget.
Program Project

You can select the Program project to be displayed.

Only projects that match the "Program Project Category" defined in the app administration are included in this list.


You can select the Release or PI to be displayed

Only Releases/PIs that are defined in the "PI" section in the app administration are included in this list.

If you have used the field type "single select (multiple choices)", we recommend that you deactivate the completed PIs in this field after a set time. Only a Jira administrator can do this.

You can specify an optional viewing date. Enter a date in the past to view historical data.
If no date is selected, the current date is used.

ART Progress gadget configuration

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