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Mass importing diagrams from Gliffy to

For customers who want to switch from Gliffy to, the app comes with a practical feature: The Gliffy Mass Import (Confluence Server only). All diagrams created with Gliffy can be quickly and easily imported into native diagrams.

Gliffy Mass Import Guide

How long does the import take?

The import depends on the number and the complexity of the existing diagrams, and doesn't normally take longer than a few minutes. With just a click, all of your Gliffy diagrams within a Confluence instance can be imported into → Gliffy Mass Importe Guide

What happens to the Gliffy diagrams after the import?

You will NOT lose the Gliffy diagrams
after they are imported. They are still attached to their respective Confluence pages as .png and .gliffy files, and you can continue to use them.

How can I prepare well?

If you are concerned about running the Gliffy mass import feature on your production Confluence instance, run it first on your test instance and check that other third-party apps don't interfere with the import. Follow Atlassian's instructions to create a test instance from your production instance:

Once you've created your test instance, install a 30 day trial license of via your Confluence administration area or - if you have already purchased for Confluence Server - use your license key together with your developer license.

What if I have custom shapes in the Gliffy diagrams?

For complex Gliffy diagrams with custom shapes or non-standard formatting, errors in imported diagrams may appear. But don't worry, simply create a support issue and we will find a resolution as quickly as possible. 

Please send an email to to report your issue and include the following information in your email: 

  • Confluence version number
  • version number
  • the diagrams that caused errors as both .gliffy and .xml riles
  • the import report as a text file (download the diagram import report from the app configuration)

Can I undo the import?

Once the Gliffy mass import has been completed, it can not be undone with a single step. The page history in Confluence lets you roll back the changes made to individual pages, and undo the diagram import in this way. If the diagrams have already been edited, these changes will be lost when you roll back to the version of the Confluence page before the Gliffy import.

You can also download or reinsert the Gliffy diagrams that are attached to a page with the Gliffy macro - your data is not lost. Please note that edits made to a diagram can not be automatically transferred to the Gliffy diagram - these changes must be made manually in the Gliffy diagram.


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