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Key Features

  • Use basic microblogging features like post, reply, like and delete.

  • Use the integrated Confluence editor.

  • See how links, videos and pictures are automatically recognized.

  • Use @-mentions.

  • See how hashtags are converted to Confluence labels.

  • Use the integrated search.

  • See how microposts now have their own custom content type.

  • Use the microblog’s  global timeline macro that enables you to post and read your timeline in one place. For example you can add the microblog to the Confluence Dashboard.

  • See how the global timeline shows all microposts, except for posts from spaces where you have no read-access.

  • Use drag & drop to upload images to the Confluence dashboard.

  • Read the microblog even when you are not logged in if anonymous access is enabled within Confluence.

  • Read microblog emails with the entire context of a micropost and see how they also contain attached images.

  • Give your microblog communication a better structure with microblog topics.

  • Create as many topics per space as you want.

  • Choose between the global timeline, space timelines or topic timelines.

  • Disable the daily digest or choose a default time to send it.

  • Edit a micropost as a creator or administrator (a full history will be created).

  • Attach a file and they will be attached to microposts and not to the space homepage of the topic.

  • As a space administrator, add and edit topics for your spaces.

  • As a space administrator delete microposts within your spaces.

  • Configure permissions for comments or blog posts not only with edit/create page permission.

  • Use the notification functions:

    • Daily summary post can sent at a time adjusted to match the reader's time zone.

    • Subscription for your own stream.

    • Subscription for individual spaces and topics.

    • Subscription for all spaces and topics.

  • Use the search function:

    • Filter posts by author.

    • Filter items within a certain period.

    • See a clear indication when search filters are active.

  • View posts:

    • See notifications of new posts and open them.

    • Display posts limited to a maximum height or choose to fully display them.

  • See the new features in the sidebar:

    • New navigation tab for single or multiple topics.

    • Summary of personal streams for relevant navigation topics.


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