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Key Features 

  • Schedule blog posts to be published or to expire at some point in the future (or backdate them).

  • Define and view aggregated groups of web feeds (Atom/RSS).

  • Use the design option for the Personal and Corporate News Feed macros for a compact appearance.

  • As a space administrator, define a group of editors that need to approve new blog posts in this space - they will be notified when a user creates a new blog post waiting for approval.

  • As a Confluence administrator, see basic usage statistics about the Personal News Feed.

  • Configure news sources more flexibly than ever before: Select zero or more spaces and/or zero or more labels to choose the blog posts to be displayed in our news macros.

  • Mark blog posts as "sticky" to keep them above regular posts within the Corporate and Personal News Feed macros, regardless of their publish date.

  • Define the date when a blog post will lose this "sticky" status, so you don't have to clean up your feeds manually.

  • Add a kicker line to blog posts to classify your news thematically. The kicker will be shown near the title in our news macros.

  • Edit your news as a team with Synchrony enabled („concurrent editing“), and the additional data will be synchronized.

  • Work with Synchrony and still use our built-in approval workflow.

  • Use news categories to organize topics. Administrators can define the available categories and blog post authors can select all suitable categories.

  • Cofigure the Corporate News Feed and Cover Stories macros to show news by categories.

  • Click on a category to open an overlay with all the news from that category.

  • Use a news teaser image, and scaled versions will be added as hidden attachments preventing them from being displayed within the activity stream.

  • Use YouTube shortlinks with t news teaser macro.

  • Hover over the Cover Stories macro to see the likes and/or comments reliably.

  • Define which information (author, date, space, categories, likes/comments, excerpt) to show in the news feed macros.

  • Give the second Cover Stories row a different height.

  • Choose to switch between the Cover Stories slides automatically.

  • Search and filter all the news items.

  • Display personal subscriptions as attractive news tiles within the Cover Stories.

  • Default subscriptions: Let new users start with a filled Personal News Feed they can adjust later.

  • See every time stamp reports in your time zone, no matter where you or the server are located.

  • Show news categories in the compact view of news feeds.

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