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Availability of this feature:

  • Linchpin Mobile 2.17.0 or above
  • Linchpin Intranet Suite 1.2.0 or above

Available for the Linchpin Mobile app
Available for branded custom apps

Feature description

It is now possible to fully disable mobile access to Confluence pages via Linchpin Mobile app as an administrator for individual Confluence instances. To do so there's a toggle in Linchpin Mobile administration panel (in the 'Configuration' section) that enables / disables mobile page access.

If mobile page access is disabled for a Confluence instance it is no longer possible for Linchpin Mobile users to...

  • ... see and display the 'Pages' tab in the app's main navigation.
  • ... access 'Saved for later' and 'Recently visited' sections in the app's 'More' tab.
  • ... follow links to any Confluence page within the app.

Mobile Confluence page access via Linchpin Mobile is enabled by default.


There currently are no screenshots available for this feature.